Yup… It Was Kurupt

Death Row Records announced today that they’ve gotten Kurupt to re-join the label as their official site states: “That’s rite, Kurupt is the newest member of Tha Row family! The contract is signed and he’s once again fu**in with tha real niggaz in the game! Look for his new album coming later this year! Tha row 2002, the new era has begun!”

Death Row To Sign Kurupt?

The webmaster at Death Row records official website posted an major announcement preview that many are guessing is Kurupt. tharow.com wrote, “He’s been to NEW YORK, NEW YORK and now hes back ON DA GRIND with THA ROW. The announcement could come anytime next week between 10 TO MIDNIGHT! You thought THA ROW was finished? We DONT STOP in the SUNSHINE or AT NIGHT. Hes got his MIND MADE UP and hes STRANDED ON THA ROW BIG PIMPIN’! SOME ONE IS BACK! FIND OUT WHO SOON!
“Stay tuned! The new era has BEGUN! The announcement will be on THAROW.COM soon!”

Kurupt ‘Showing Hos’ On New DVD

The Dogg Pound member Kurupt is set to release a DVD in the first half of 2002 which he says will be ‘just nasty’ and would center on his gangsta lifestyle. Kurupt said without any hint of being politically correct, “I’m showing hos. ‘There’s a couple of performance things, but mainly hos.”