Lil’ Kim Attends Free Ballas Hough Band Show

Lil’ Kim attended the Ballas Hough Band concert at The Grove in Los Angeles on Monday (March 9), the first of ten free shows by the pop rock act taking place Monday nights following ‘Dancing with the Stars’.

Video at YouTube has since been removed.

Voletta Wallace Says Lil’ Kim Should Be Ashamed Of Herself

Hip Hop Weekly spoke with Voletta Wallace about the complaints Lil’ Kim has been making against her about the ‘Notorious’ biopic about Wallace’s late son Notorious B.I.G. “She felt the character we chose for her was too dark,” Voletta told the mag. “Do you know why the character was too dark for her? Because she’s a white woman trapped in a black woman’s body, and you can tell the world I said it, because those are Lil Kim’s words. She should be ashamed of herself.” Read more.

Lil Kim Speaks Out On Remy Ma Attacks

Lil Kim was live at Shade45 with DJ Whoo Kid, where she spoke out on her beef with Remy Ma. “Everything she do has got too much testosterone,” Lil Kim said. “Everybody that knows me knows I ain’t gonna come at someone for no reason. I spread love to my females. Every female that came in the game I embrace them, because that’s what you gotta do. When I came in, they embraced me… But it seems like all the females that come in the game, they gotta take shots at me. It all started when I got the five mics. She’s on the radio, talking reckless, ‘Fu** that. My sh** hotter than hers’. C’mon Ma, I do this. This is what I do. Biggie crowned me Queen B, you can’t take that away from me. I’m sexy, I’m a sexy motherfu**er… And then it’s like when I got locked up, she’s again talkin’ reckless on the radio. And when I come home, she comes to my party. It’s like, ‘You know Kim, I love you. Can I take a picture with you.’ I brushed a lot of sh** off, I let a lot of sh** slide. But enough is enough. This is where it is. Whatever. I ain’t gonna dedicate no more time to that because it’s all about me, and at the end of the day I’m that bitch.” Watch it at DailyMotion.

Fantom Of The Beat Files Suit Against 50 Cent And Lil’ Kim

Carlos Evans, a producer known as Fantom of the Beat, has filed a $2 million lawsuit against 50 Cent and Lil’ Kim, contending he never got his share of the profits from the hip hop pair’s raunchy single ‘Magic Stick’. “I just need my money,” Evans said. “I’m not asking for nothing that I’m not owed.” Read more.

Atlantic Records 60th Anniversary

Lil Scrappy, Lil’ Kim, LL Cool J, T.I., Young Buck, and Yung Joc were on hand for Courvoisier Exclusive Cognac Host Atlantic Records 60th Anniversary on June 28th at a private home in Los Angeles. Check out pictures from WireImage.

Lil’ Kim Wardrobe Malfunction

Lil’ Kim was spotted having a wardrobe malfunction outside Teddy’s at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on Tuesday (July 10).

Video footage at has since been removed.

Lil’ Kim Talks About Her Charity And Don Imus

Lil’ Kim wants you to have a piece of her in the name of charity. The rapper visited ‘Good Day New York’ on Thursday (April 12) to discuss The Lil’ Kim Cares Foundation holding an online celebrity auction of her personal items and some from NBA star LeBron James, comedienne Mo’Nique and others. She also discussed the derogatory comments made by radio show host Don Imus about the Rutgers women’s basketball team.

The interview video at has since been removed.