Comedian Jokes About Hip Hop On Last Call

Comedian Mike Britt focused the first half of his stand up routine on Last Call with Carson Daly blasting President Bush, and the second half joking about the current state of hip hop. Britt joked about Cam’ron’s high pitched ‘Oh Boy’ and the DMX alarm clock that would wake you up constantly goin’ ‘What!’ and ‘Come On!’ if you tried to hit snooze. Read on for a transcript.

Artists Line Up For Aaliyah Tribute Video has photos from the filming of the ‘Miss You’ Aaliyah tribute video on Wednesday (November 13) at Paris Studios in Long Island City, New York. Included on the set were Dani Stevenson, BET’s Free, Jaheim, Lil’ Kim, Missy Elliott, Montel Williams,
Quddus, Queen Latifah, Sharissa, Tweet, and Wu-Tang Clan. Check out the photos here.

Jamie Foster Brown Talks Lil’ Kim

Jamie Foster Brown called into the Tom Joyner show on Thursday to talk about the Sister2Sister magazine cover feature on Lil’ Kim. She revealed that Lil’ Kim reads the Bible all the time and cited verses. Audio at has since been removed.

Suif Jackson Gets 5 Years For Shooting

The New York Post reports Suif Jackson, a cousin of late rapper Biggie Smalls and a bodyguard for Lil’ Kim’s rap group, Junior M.A.F.I.A., was sentenced yesterday to five years in prison for his role in last year’s shooting of an unarmed man who was talking too loudly on a cell phone in Brooklyn.

Lil’ Mo And Lil’ Kim Sample Biggie Track reports Lil’ Mo is putting a spin on the late Notorious B.I.G.’s ‘Ten Crack Commandments’ on her song ‘Ten Commandments.’ The track, featuring Lil’ Kim, was sent to radio stations Friday (October 25) as a buzz record for Lil’ Mo’s sophomore album. The record, tentatively titled ‘Meet The Girl Next Door’, has not yet been scheduled for release.

Alicia Keys Reminds Lil’ Kim Of Herself

Lil’ Kim chatted with Rolling Stone magazine for their Women In Rock issue, and was asked which female musician she admired and why. “I admire Alicia Keys — for her to be so young and have an old soul, she reminds me of myself,” she said. “And she’s a genius — she plays instruments, she knows exactly what she wants out of this game, she knows exactly where she’s going.”

Lil’ Kim Has A Dig At Puffy

Lil’ Kim chatted with Radio 1 about her film ‘Juwanna Mann’, which features a seedy character called ‘Puff Smokey Smoke’. Kim admits it’s a direct dig at Sean ‘P Diddy’ Combs. “I haven’t talked to Puffy about it – but I’m sure he can identify with ‘Puff Smokey Smoke’ because I’ve had a few come up to me in the clubs,” she said. “‘Hey Kim how are you doing girl? Let me dance with you – come over here’, you know what I’m saying? I’ve had my share. So I felt the character – especially with the gold teeth and the gold… it’s crazy.”

Lil’ Kim Explains Why She’s Naming New Album ‘Hollywood’ reports Lil’ Kim is set to release her third album, ‘Hollyhood’, on November 26. She explained the title saying, “‘Hollyhood’, isn’t it perfect? I’m here in Hollywood. Just Hollywood. And I’m from the hood. So you get a girl from the hood, and I’m here doing exactly what I always dreamed. And it’s also the name of my clothing line.”

New Lil’ Kim Track Leaks To Radio reports a new Lil’ Kim track titled ‘What’s the Word?’ has hit some radio airwaves, but her record label says the single isn’t going to be the first release from her upcoming CD. The yet-to-be-titled album is due in stores December 19.