Lil’ Kim Shows Off Her Implants To Maxim has photos of Lil’ Kim’s appearance in the May issue of the men’s magazine. LK says she’s a moma’s girl: “My mother was sassy like me when she was young, so I wasn’t apologetic about what I was doing. All she’s ever said to me was, ‘Maybe I should have taken you to church more,’ but she loves all my songs, especially ‘How Many Licks.'” The busty bikini shots at have since been removed.

Lil’ Kim’s New Album Won’t Be All About Sex

Lil’ Kim tells BBC that her next album won’t dwell on sexual themes. “I’m not just gonna do the sexual thing just because that’s what everybody wants me to do,” she said. “A whole album of sexual things–to me that’s not gonna help me win all way ’round because I don’t think one person is made up of one thing. So, I’m an entertainer, I’m versatile, and I’m creative enough to be able to do a bunch of different kinds of music.”

Lil’ Kim No Fan Of Britney Spears After The Brush-Off

Lil’ Kim was on Last Call with Carson Daly on Wednesday, where they spent much of the broadcast talking about some of her memorable outfits worn to events. She was on to promote her role in ‘Juwanna Mann’. Lil’ Kim talked about the time were she met a rather snooty Britney Spears at the Video Music Awards. Read on to hear what happened.

Lil’ Kim At ‘Juwanna Mann’ Premiere has photos of Lil’ Kim at the ‘Juwanna Mann’ premiere at Mann’s Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood on Tuesday. The rapper briefly appears in the film. Check out photos from the event here.

Lil’ Kim & Wyclef On Last Call

Lil’ Kim and Wyclef Jean will be on Last Call with Carson Daly on Wednesday (early Thursday morning). Check your local listings.

Lil’ Kim And Mos Def On Carson This Week

Last Call with Carson Daly will feature a couple hip hop artists this week. On Tuesday, look for Lil’ Kim to chat up Carson, with musical guests The Hives. Then on Wednesday, the Broadway rapper Mos Def will sit opposite Carson, with musical guest Quarashi. Check your local listings.

Lil’ Kim Bucking For Her Own Fragrance

Getty Images has photos of Lil’ Kim arriving at the 30th Anniversary ‘Fifi’ Awards Ceremonies at Lincoln Center Tuesday in New York City. The awards are sponsored by the Frangrance Foundation to recognize men’s and women’s fragrance introductions of 2001. It’s rumored that Lil’ Kim is angling for her own fragrance line, which is why she showed up.

FHM’s 100 Sexiest Music Videos

FHM has listed their 100 Sexiest Music Videos of all time. Amongst those on the list are Sir Mix-A-Lot, Shaggy, Sean ‘P. Diddy Combs’, Lil’ Kim, and 2 Live Crew.