Left Eye Had Tried To Talk Lil’ Kim To Going To Honduras

World Entertainment News Network reports rapper Lil’ Kim had been asked by TLC’s Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes to travel to Honduras with her on the trip that saw her die in a automobile accident last week. Lil’ Kim said, “We got really close, and she would always try to get me to go to Honduras with her. She was like, ‘Kim, I’m telling you, it’s beautiful out there.’ There’s a purifying lake she used to go to. There’s a man out there who was a witch doctor or something who she would go to. He would cleanse your soul. She’s been trying to get me to go out there for years. This year, I was really thinking about going out there. So it’s weird that this happened.”

Eve, Lil’ Kim Only Rappers To Make Maxim’s Hot 100

The only female rap stars to make The ‘Hot 100′ – Maxim magazine’s annual roundup of the year’s most intriguing new women in entertainment, were Lil’ Kim who came in at #41 and Eve who came in at #51. Some of those who made the list might take the nod as a backhanded compliment – since they’re not exactly new. Amongst those who’ve presumably ‘made it’ according to Maxim would therefor be Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, and Jennifer Lopez.

Lil’ Kim And Xzibit Hit ESPN Awards Show

WireImage.com has photos of Xzibit, Lil’ Kim, and other stars at the ESPN Action Sports and Music Awards at the The Universal Amphitheater in Universal City, California on Satuday. Check out photos from the arrival here and from the show here.

Lil’ Kim To Change Her Image Tonight

The New York Daily News reports Lil’ Kim will be wearing three different outfits for tonight’s Grammy awards, all a much more different look than the trashy clothes she normally wears. A friend revealed, “She’s changing to a totally new image. Much more elegant than before.” Part of this new look will include Harry Winston diamonds — including the cross Madonna wore on her most recent wedding day.

Lil’ Kim Searches Proof Popular For Porn, Not Music

Overture.com has it’s list of the top Lil’ Kim related searches for the month of December posted, and it is apparent fans are more interested in viewing what she’s practically bared on network television. For the month, 65,544 searches took place for ‘Lil’ Kim’ while ‘Lil’ Kim nude’ continued the long list of porno related searches for the female rapper. The search amount was double that of Eve, event though Eve is more often searched for New Years or Adam and Eve.

India.Arie Explains Gap Ads

India.Arie talked about recent criticism of her doing ads for The Gap explaining her decision was not about money using controversial dresser Lil’ Kim as partial reasoning. Arie said, “I did it for the recognition, to get my name out to the masses, I did it to make the point that we don’t have to dress like Lil’ Kim to be beautiful.” Read the full transcript of the emailed message on rnbdirt.com.

Faith Evans Gave Lil’ Kim A Beating

Faith Evans revealed to Time Out New York that she caught Lil’ Kim in her then husband Biggie’s bed and then proceeded to “beat her ass.” Also, Evans talked about Mary J. Blige’s rude behavior at Biggie’s funeral.

Photos From VH1 Fashion Awards

Last night’s VH-1 Fashion Awards 2001 included attendees Lil’ Kim and Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, amongst several music acts, models, and celebs. Check out photos from the show at WireImage.com. For the WireImage.com pictures, use the left sidebar to navigate individual celebs.

MTV Europe Music Awards Announced

The MTV Europe Music Awards have been announced and Eminem leads the way with multiple nominations for himself and D12. The show will be held November 8 in Frankfurt, Germany. Other rap acts up for awards include Outkast and P Diddy.