Inside The NYPD Rapper Wars

The New York Post reports former narcotics detective-turned-author Derrick Parker, during his 20 years on the force, investigated the still unsolved murders of Tupac Shakur, Notorious B.I.G. and Jam Master Jay, as well as the ongoing Busta Rhymes and Lil’ Kim sagas – and has written about his travails in detail. Parker says that “the cultural ignorance of my fellow officers made them assume that all rappers were evil criminals.” And the Rudy Giuliani administration made them a target because they tended to be “young, black, rich and angry.”

Lil’ Kim On Life In Prison

On ‘The Tyra Banks Show’ earlier today, Tyra read a personal letter from Lil’ Kim to fans, in which the rapper reveals that she’s been going to church every Sunday and Bible study every Tuesday while serving her prison sentence. “For the most part, all the girls on my [cell] block are cool,” Kim notes, but adds, “No matter how good I am in here, this is no place for women to be — or anyone for that matter. It has its trying times and stressful moments — it’s very unsanitary — and it can be very depressing, especially around the holidays. … Being away from your family and loved ones is the worst part of being locked up.”

Lil’ Kim ‘Whoa’ Video

Lil' Kim 'Whoa' music video

Lil’ Kim is out with the video to her new single ‘Whoa’, from the Brooklyn rapper’s album ‘The Naked Truth’, released on Atlantic Records. Watch it via YouTube below.

Lil' Kim 'Whoa' cover art

Lil’ Kim Having Implants Issues In Prison?

The New York Daily News reports that while serving her sentence at the Federal Detention Center in Philadelphia on perjury and conspiracy charges, Lil’ Kim has developed problems with her breast implants. “Apparently, she’s worried her boobs are leaking,” a source revealed. “She needs to have them serviced.” But her rep swears the hip-hop diva is “perfectly healthy.”

Queen Latifah Trying To See Lil’ Kim In Prison

OK! magazine spoke with Queen Latifah about her new film ‘Last Holiday’, and also asked the singer/rapper/actress how she feels about Lil’ Kim being in prison. “I have wanted to go see her,” she responded. “We have written about a thousand letters for them to put us on the visiting list. I feel bad for her. People could have acted on her behalf in a smarter way that would not have had her wind up in this situation, and that disappoints me.”

BET Defends Lil’ Kim Reality Show

Black Entertainment Television executives are defending ‘Lil’ Kim: The Countdown to Lockdown’, a new reality series about Lil’ Kim as she prepares to go to prison, saying the show didn’t glorify her situation. “It’s a very serious look at her life and her choices, and the consequences of those choices,” said Reginald Hudlin, the filmmaker who joined BET as its new entertainment president last summer.

Hip-Hop’s Code Of Silence Hurts Police

Reuters profiled the taboo on “snitching” or informing, which is now part of hip-hop’s mystique and makes it increasingly hard for police to solve violent crimes in inner-city neighborhoods. But one rapper isn’t impressed with someone like Lil’ Kim, currently in jail for refusing to snitch and lying to a grand jury about a Manhattan shootout. “I support snitches,” said Public Enemy frontman Chuck D. “If a person is cancerous to society, then a snitch sometimes is the best solution, with an army behind him.” Read more.

Lil’ Kim Upset Over Philly Lock-Up

Lil’ Kim’s attorney, Mel Sachs, tells The New York Daily News reports rapper is frustrated about being locked up in a tough Philadelphia prison, instead of a minimum-security facility. “She certainly is dissatisfied that she was placed in this federal prison facility, where she has to stay incarcerated for most of the day,” Sachs said. “But she’s resilient and with her resolve, courage and conviction she’ll get through this.”

Voletta Wallace Visits Hot 97

Angie Martinez of Hot 97 interviewed Notorious B.I.G.’s mother Voletta Wallace in New York on October 14th. She talked about the new book she’s written about her son and her own life, the comments she made about Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs in the book, how she loves Puffy as a human being but sometimes she wanted to punch him as a businessman, how her relationship with Lil’ Kim stinks and she’s abusing his memory, and much more. The 32-minute interview audio at has since been removed.

Lil’ Kim Video Director Still Not Paying The Bills

Lil’ Kim video director Kirk Fraser repeatedly promised to make things right after the New York Daily News reported a month ago that he bounced more than 18 checks to crew members who toiled furiously on the last-minute music video shoots in September, before Kim went to jail. But so far, producer Heidi Tannenbaum complained that “only three people have gotten new checks.”