Def Jam Releases LL Cool J Best Of Album ‘ICON’

LL Cool J 'ICON'

Def Jam has released a LL Cool J greatest hits collection called ‘ICON’ on May 1st. The rapper completed his stint on the label after twelve albums on the imprint, the last being 2008’s ‘Exit 13’.

‘ICON’ Track Listing:
1. Rock The Bells
2. Mama Said Knock You Out
3. Going Back To Cali
4. Around The Way Girl
5. Phenomenon
6. Jingling Baby
7. Doin’ It
8. Big Ole Butt
9. I Can’t Live Without My Radio
10. Loungin (Who Do Ya Luv)
11. Hey Lover (Featuring Boyz II Men)

LL Cool J At The Hollywood Palladium

LL Cool J was spotted outside the Hollywood Palladium on Saturday night (January 22), where the rapper/actor waved to fans and paparazzi. Watch footage via YouTube below.

LL Cool J Discusses Book, ‘NCIS’, Bling & Def Jam Sale

Tim Westwood hung out with LL Cool J, who was promoting new fitness book ‘Platinum 360 Diet & Lifestyle’. The rapper talked about his work on ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’, what he talks about in the book, selling his ownership in Def Jam early, how he set the blueprint for bling, his favorite time in the game, and more. The interview features some of LL’s old performances, videos and an older interview. Watch the 2-part feature via YouTube below.

LL Cool J On Possible ‘Exit 13’ Follow-Up

LL Cool J has launched a new lifestyle book and chatted with ITN about positive thinking, celebrity wannabes and plans for a new album. The rapper/actor said he would take his time on the follow-up to 2008’s ‘Exit 13’, explaining “it will be relevant for who I am at this point in my life as a human being. And those who want to hear it, will be able to hear it and love it and those who can’t appreciate it because it doesn’t sound ‘pop’ enough, can ignore it. And I’m comfortable with that.” Watch the comments below.

LL Cool J & Simone Smith Attended The 52nd Annual Grammy Awards

LL Cool J and wife Simone Smith attended the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Sunday (January 31). The rapper spoke with Nick Cannon of CBS on the red carpet about his confidence to be humble, being blessed, and whether he’d help Nick get inside the event. He also spoke with Carrie Ann Inaba and Chris Harrison of TV Guide. Watch the TV Guide interview via YouTube below.

What Does LL Cool J Use To Moisten His Lips? Don’t Ask

TMZ only wanted to know one thing: What Chapstick does LL Cool J use? That got the rapper and ‘NCIS: LA’ star to get out his Blackberry to do some videotaping of his own, asking what kind of grown man goes around asking celebrities weird questions about what they use on their lips.

Watch the report below the cut. (more…)

LL Cool J Talks About Joe Budden & Method Man Beef

LL Cool J spoke with Global Grind about the Joe Budden and Method Man beef, and how when he was coming up it was like a fraternity and that the art form really mattered. “So the battles took on a different significance because of that, because it really was about reputation and it really was about being real and it really was about defending your psychological territory,” LL explained. “That little piece of the mental mindshare, or marketshare you have around the neighborhood. Nowadays it’s about are you making money and are you a businessman. I think the least important thing in hip hop now is hip hop.” Watch the comments via YouTube below.

LL Cool J Isn’t Feelin’ Auto-Tune Or Radio Playlists

LL Cool J posted three brief blogs on his MySpace (@llcoolj) earlier this week, sounding off on rappers singing (ie. Auto-Tune) and everything on radio sounding the same. The veteran rapper writes:

Why do the majority of rap records being released sound the same? And why are rappers singing on their records more than they rap?

I’m going to calling the radio station and make a request that they play “something” different. “Anything” And it does “not” have to be my music. I just feel like I’m listening to a broken iPod.

Sometimes I think about warm devils food cake with vanilla ice cream and I could lose my mind!!!!! But I “must” stay strong. Short term sacrifice = long term gain.

The image provided by Bauer Griffin has since been removed.

LL Cool J Promotes Sears Shopping Spree Contest

LL Cool J joined ‘Good Day’ on Fox 13 in Tampa Bay on Tuesday (November 25). The Grammy-Award winning rapper talked about his new fashion line and how you can win a chance to go shopping with him via Asked about his fashion influences, the veteran rapper said the music industry introduced him to a lot of it, as did his family, all of whom as stylish people. LL says he combined the Hollywood and music worlds of fashion with the real world to make his collection.

The interview video at has since been removed.

Update: This is NOT where you enter the Sears contest, it’s just a link to a video where LL was promoting the contest. I have no idea where to enter the Sears contest, or if it’s too late to enter for that matter.

‘The Angie Martinez Show’ Ads Ft. Jay-Z & LL Cool J

Jay-Z appeared on a promotion for ‘The Angie Martinez Show’, posted on Hot 97’s YouTube channel. The veteran rapper said, “Hey guys, watch the show. I’m gonna watch it. Especially the first episode. I’m definitely tuning in.” The show airs Monday (November 24) at 11:30 PM ET/PT on BET. Also making a pitch was LL Cool J. Watch the spot below.