Masta Ace Announces Retirement In August

16-year veteran rapper Masta Ace has revealed that he will hang up his microphone after the release of his album, ‘Long Hot Summer’, reports. “Before I even finished recording this record, I kinda had it in my mind, that this’d be the last one for me,” Ace said. “It had nothing to do with [sales], it’s just time for me to apply myself behind the scenes and we have this new label, M3. I want to get it off the ground, and I can’t really do that if I’m running around touring and recording and being an artist doing interviews. Now it gets to the point where I can get behind the scenes are really get this engine going.”

Masta Ace Gives Props To KRS-1

DJ Pick One of The Elements caught up with Masta Ace for a Q&A session and asked the rapper what he would you say embodies the true defintion of an emcee right now. “I would say KRS-1, regardless of whether cats have liked his recent music offerings or not, the fact remains that lyrically, he has always embodied the term MC,” he responded. “From records to stage show, to battling he has done each at an incredible level in his career. The closest cat to him would be LL Cool J… and Busta Rhymes… although until recently I had never heard Busta drop a battle verse. He killed it.” Read more.

Masta Ace Says There’s Still An Old School Rap Audience talked to rap veteran Masta Ace who’s back with his 4th album, Disposable Arts, after a long layoff. Ace talked about today’s generation of violent, ‘bling-bling rappers’ compared to back in the day saying, “Cats would battle and stuff like that. but it was never to a point where cats wanted to shoot each other or have drama with each other. Like, MC Shan and KRS would be at the same party, but there would never be nothing. There might be a whole bunch of talk or they might look at each other from across the room, kinda like, ‘Yeaah, there he go,’ but if anything, they’ll be talking about taking it to the mic!”