Master P ‘Get The Party Crackin’ Video

Master P is out with the video to his new single ‘Get The Party Crackin”, featuring Silkk, Halleluyah, Rugar, off the New Orleans rapper’s album ‘Ghetto Bill’, out June 21st on The New No Limit/Koch. Watch it via YouTube below.

Missy, Romeo & Master P On TV This Week

Rappers on television this week include Romeo and Master P, who visit ‘106 & Park’ on Tuesday and Missy Elliott, who visits ‘Total Request Live’ and ‘The View’ on Wednesday.

Master P Signs With ABA’s Jam

Contributed by AdamBernard:

The American Basketball Association (ABA) Long Beach Jam franchise has signed point guard Percy Miller, better known as Master P, President Steve Chase announced on October 8th. “In addition to Master P’s musical talents and widespread popularity, he brings considerable floor general skills to our team,” Chase said.

On TV: Kanye West, Master P, Nelly

Rap acts on television this week include Kanye West, who drops his brand new video off at ‘Total Request Live’ on Monday; Master P, who appears on ‘106 and Park’ on Monday; Queen Latifah, who appears on ‘The View’ on Tuesday; Damon Dash, who appears on ‘The View’ on Wednesday; Nelly, who phones into ‘TRL’ on Wednesday to premiere his new video; Nas and Lloyd Banks, who appear on ‘106 and Park’ on Thursday; and Ozomatli, who perform on ‘Late Night with Conan O’Brien’ on Friday.

White Dawg Turns Down Major Label Deal For Net Distribution

Contributed Anonymously:

White Dawg , Florida’s underground king, has made thousands of dollars
over the last few weeks from paid downloads on his web site He charges his loyal fans $1.00 per song or only $10.00 for
the whole album. White Dawg says, “This is the way of taking our music back from the
majors. The internet has given us as artists a level playing field. We don’t need
money for pressing any more since they can buy my songs right off my site, which
after they can burn to their own cd. All the money goes to the artist and not
the greedy music industry cartels who have had this industry under their
control for the last century. We can focus all our money on marketing instead of
pressing. We have three of my albums on there along with the screwed down
versions. We also put ‘Raw and Uncut’ which features freestyles and unreleased cuts
for our fans. Every time someone downloads one of my songs or albums on line
its like saying fu** you to the majors. We can keep control of our music this
way instead of having major labels telling us what kind of records to make. I
think this is going to seriously change the way music is sold and marketed in
the up and coming years. If you are tired of the music these majors are putting
out you have to make sure you support the indies. We are going to change the
game the same way Master P did in the late 1990’s. It’s my goal to show other
artists how to do this so they dont have to sign these messed up deals with
these crooked labels. All the transactions are handled through pay pal just like
on ebay so the payment method is safe and convient for the fans. They simply
put in their debit or credit card number in and once it clears they get a email
with the link to download the album or song. The money goes directly into the
artist’s account. No waiting on a distributor or record label to pay you. I
am making money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year with this. I
wake up and i have money in my account. It’s the closest thing to selling
dope! 102 JAMZ has just stepped up Radio play on my new single ‘Chevy Boy’
and the fans have been hitting up the site like crazy downloading it. If you haven’t
heard my music before, you are able to listen to 30 seconds of it for free. I
plan on putting up freestyles and new songs every week along with beats that I
produced. Make sure you support your boy and download the album for me.”
Spread the word….the Music Industry is about to change drastically!

My Open Letter To Master P

Contributed by 513hotgirl:

It seems to me that you’re on a quest to become the next Nelly. The only question I have for you is why? Why are you copying other hip hop artist’s style to re-invent yourself? Why aren’t you proud of your own accomplishments and originality? I’m not writing this to bring you down, but lately I’ve been questioning your marketing decisions. Did you not know that Nelly was using the term ‘We All We Got’ for his Derrty Entertainment slogan? I’m sure they started saying it AT EVERY OPPORTUNITY at least 6 months prior to you printing it on t-shirts. Now you’ve not only decided to come out with a female line of jeans that look like cheap Applebottom imitations, but you’ve got the audacity to re-invent his original ad! This is all aside from the jacking of Ginuwine’s ‘In Those Jeans’ concept for your own jeans song and it’s uncanny resemblence to Usher’s hit single ‘Yeah’. What’s next? An appearance on MTV’s ‘I Want A Famous Face’? Or in your case, a different famous face? Bottom line, I used to be a huge No Limit fan and it’s pretty sad to see it come to this. There are more instances that come to mind in regards to you copying other artists and I wish you’d stop. I miss the old Master P that blazed his own trail. The one that had people imitating HIM. The intelligent businessman that made me proud of the direction of hip hop. Where is that guy?


513hotgirl- An old fan

Choppa Leaves No Limit, Signs With Roy Jones Jr.’s Label

Contributed Anonymously:

Choppa, formerly of No Limit/Take Fo Records, has recently left Master P’s No Limit Records and signed to Roy Jones Jr.’s label Body Head Entertainment. Choppa has signed into a 5-album deal with his first release planned for an April 2004 release. The full article at has since been removed or relocated.

On TV: David Banner, Ice Cube, Master P

Rap acts on television this week include David Banner, who performs on ‘Last Call with Caron Daly’ on Monday; Baby Bash, who performs on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ with Frankie J.; Ice Cube, who appears on ‘106 and Park’ and ‘The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn’ on Tuesday, and ‘Last Call’ on Wednesday; Juvenile, who appears on ‘106 and Park’ on Wednesday; Master P, who appears on ‘106 and Park’ on Thursday; and Chingy, who appears with FF on ‘106 and Park’ on Friday.