Master P And Lil’ Romeo Are Nail Salon Regulars

Rolling Stone magazine has a photo of Master P getting his nails soaked, buffed and polished in Las Vegas before the Billboard Music Awards. He explained, “I gotta be rollin’ right and tight. It makes no sense for me to have all these millions of dollars and – when I shake hands with people – my nails ain’t shinin’ like my watch.” The rapper also invites his son Lil’ Romeo to the nail salons as well. “Me and Romeo play ball a lot, and our nails get dirty. We also get massages a to stay stress-free and feelin’ good.”

Master P Ordered To Pay Up In Lawsuit

The New York Post reports Master P was ordered to pay $105,000 in punitive damages to a grandmother whose voice was secretly recorded and used to introduce a cut on artist Magic’s album ‘Sky’s the Limit.’

Hip-Hop’s Rap Shifts Toward Social Activism

Steve Jones of USA Today reports that while hip-hop has drawn a lot of attention for its violent, gang-themed imagery and the bling-bling culture, the focus has shifted a few degrees. Many artists — Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs, Master P, LL Cool J, the Wu Tang Clan and others — have long been known for their philanthropic efforts. In fact, according to the Record Industry Association of America, hip-hop stars are more actively involved in their communities through charities and foundations than those from any other genre. Read more.

Billboard Music Awards Photos

Busta Rhymes, DJ Quik, Run-DMC, Ja Rule, Lil’ Romeo, Master P, MC Lyte, Nelly and the St. Lunatics, N.E.R.D., Clipse, and many more attended the 2002 Billboard Music Awards at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada on Monday (December 9). Check out pictures from Rex Features and

Snoop Dogg Still Has Love For Master P

Jamie Foster Brown of Sister2Sister magazine spoke with Snoop Dogg and asked the rapper about his three album deal with Master P, which ended with his ‘Last Meal’ record. “We had a great relationship and I continue to work with him and his people and I love him for what he did as far as showing me the business,” Snoop says. “I always had the show, but he showed me the business. He taught me to be open minded enough to go open up [my] own clothing line and stop wearing other people’s clothes; and start my own business ventures. And reach out and start connecting and doing songs for people from other parts of the world that I love that my friends might have not liked. So what?! If I like them, I can do a record with them. It proves that music is music.” The full story at has since been removed.

Master P, Kurupt, Outkast’s Dre Do ‘Hollywood Homicide’

MTV News reports Master P, Outkast’s Dre (Andre Benjamin) and Tha Row rapper Kurupt are set to appear in the upcoming movie ‘Hollywood Homicide’ starring Harrison Ford and Josh Hartnett. The flick is in its fifth week of filming with approximately nine weeks remaining, the source said. It’s expected to hit theaters in August. Read more.

Master P and Cash Money Plan Movie reports Master P and his former cross-town New Orleans rival, Baby, co-CEO of Cash Money Records, a plan to fully end the previous beef in a new movie, ‘Ghetto Ballin,’ a ‘hood comedy.

Master P And P. Diddy Near Top Of Fortune List

According to Fortune magazine’s America’s 40 Richest Under 40 list. Master P comes in at #11 overall — behind the likes of top-ranking Michael Dell of Dell Computer and Michael Jordan — with a reported wealth of $293.8 million. Fellow rap mogul Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs is right behind him with a portfolio worth $293.7 million.

Boycott Pepsi And The O’Reilly Factor

Contributed by knowledge024:

I’m calling for a nationwide boycott of sponsors of The O’Reilly Factor show for its recent MISCONDUCT by abusing its powers and involving itself and audience members in something that should have been resolved by a nationwide vote, not just one particular group that watches this lame ‘upper-aged’ guppie who had a fellow artist contract with Pepsi cancelled, by having 3,000 emails (which could’ve just been 2 or 3 people mass mailing from different addresses) sent to pepsi stating they are boycotting until Ludacris’s contract is cancelled….What?!?