AT&T blue room: Mike Jones Interview

Mike Jones took part in an interview with AT&T blue room, where the rapper talked about his late grandmother and dedicating every album to her, being “a regular guy”, his biggest musical memory performing at the BET Awards, how his success is bitter sweet because of his grandmother’s death, his ‘American Dream’ album and movie, buying Thanksgiving turkeys for the community, and other charitable efforts for those less fortunate.

Jones said he’s influenced by Jay-Z, explaining, “He came from nothing to something. Everybody came from nothing to something, but with Jay he relates to people like me. When I talked to him a few times, when he came out a lot of people weren’t hollerin’ at him either. He came out with a different sound that people were afraid to get behind. But once it blew up, everyone wanted to get down with the sound. That’s how I was in a way. I had a screwy sound that people were not familiar with. They were afraid to take a risk with it. But when it blew up, everybody was walking around, jamming stuff slow. Some people are afraid to take risks.”

Jones then took off to a photo shoot, complaining about a really really tight do-rag and showing off his Ice Age Entertainment chain – which he dropped $500,000 on. Video at has since been removed.

Mike Jones ‘Drop & Gimme 50’ Video Feat. Hurricane Chris

Mike Jones 'Drop & Gimme 50' music video

Mike Jones is out with the video to his new single ‘Drop & Gimme 50’, featuring Hurricane Chris, produced by DJ Smurf aka Mr. Collipark, the first release from the Houston, Texas rapper’s forthcoming sophomore album ‘The Voice Of The Streets’, out April 15th on Ice Age Entertainment / Warner Bros. Records. Watch it via MySpace below.

Mike Jones: New Album Out April 15th

Mike Jones new album

Mike Jones recorded a new video message for fans on Wednesday (December 26). The Ice Age Entertainment rapper hoped fans had a Merry Christmas, plans to drop the second album on April 15th – around the time his grandmother passed away. Jones then showed his tattoo on his arm with his grandmother’s face and the message “April 14th is when I felt I lost a friend”. Watch footage below.

Mike Jones Wishes Fans A Merry Christmas

Mike Jones Merry Christmas

Mike Jones checked in with fans with a video message taped Friday (December 21) on his YouTube channel. The Houston rapper was sporting a grill for a special holiday greeting, thanking “all the fans that have shown me love”. Watch the message below.

Mike Jones One Word… Maybe Two Words… For 2008

Mike Jones

Mike Jones offered his one word for 2008… but the Houston rapper caused some chuckles by responding that it is “‘Get money’, because that’s what we all about. Ya dig.” He also offered his best and worst for 2007. He said the politics of the game held him down earlier this year but he’s getting back up.

The videos at YouTube have since been removed.

Mike Jones Talks About Phones

Find out what Mike Jones wants in a phone in the future from Samsung and the cool things he’s done with his phone this year in a video clip posted at the Houston rapper’s YouTube channel. Jones said he wants a phone that can take clear pictures, go on the internet, text, better sound, and record straight to YouTube.

The clips at YouTube have since been removed.

Mike Jones: Subscribe To My YouTube Channel

Mike Jones checked in with fans telling them to make sure and subscribe to his YouTube channel, promising exclusive footage, including the ‘Drop & Gimme 50’ video featuring Hurricane Chris before it is released anywhere else. Watch it below.

Mike Jones Video Blog Commenting On Pimp C’s Death – While Driving!

Mike Jones checked in with fans with a video blog on Wednesday (December 5) to talk about the death of fellow Houston rapper Pimp C of UGK. “Time is too short to be up here beefin and trippin and hating, man,” Jones said. “It’s time to get money, man. It’s time to provide to provide for family. A lot of rappers and a lot of legends are really starting to fall these days.” And as he was looking into the camera and talking about a lot of rappers starting to fall, he was recording the video while driving a Hummer solo… yikes! Watch it below.