Dave Grohl Likes Missy Elliott’s ‘Work It’

Kirk Miller of Rolling Stone quized Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl on whether he was a fan of hip-hop. Grohl responded, “I like the Missy Elliott ‘Work It’ single. She’s a fu**in’ genius. And thank God for Timbaland. I think he turned a lot around. The Neptunes do a lot of cool sh**. For the most part, the hip-hop thing is played out… but then there’s Kool Keith.”

Trina Says Missy Elliott Is A Fun Person

Katrillion.com caught up with Missy Elliott and fellow rapper and friend Trina, who was full of praise for the ‘Work It’ woman. “She’s a fun person,” Trina says. “She’s very witty, very shy, very laid back. That’s the personal side. The business side, she’s very strict to business. She’s very much about getting the record together, getting the right song, the right beat, the right production. Before she leaves the studio, she has to make sure that it’s right. If it’s not right, it’s not working.”

Missy Elliott Talks With KISS 92 In Toronto

Billie from KISS 92 in Toronto was chillin’ with Missy Elliott where she explained her new song ‘Work It’ plus much more last month. Missy also talked about her tremendous weight loss and how she did it, the $1 million contest she has in conjunction with AOL.com, and 5 quick questions. The 7 1/2 minute clip at kiss92.fm has since been removed.

Flo Anthony On Various Gossip

Flo Anthony talked with the K104 DJ’s about Bobby Brown’s arrest earlier today. She also says Run-DMC announced their retirement yesterday while Busta Rhymes gave $30,000 and LL Cool J gave $50,000 to Jam Master Jay’s wife following his murder last week. Flo also commented on Missy Elliott’s Aaliyah tribute. Flo also gave updates on Queen Latifah and Eminem’s new movie ‘8 Mile’. Audio at k104fm.com has since been removed.

Missy Elliott Runs Off Her Bad Diet Habits

Missy Elliott tells New York Magazine that despite her huge weight loss, she still has bad eating habits. “I still eat wrong, but for the most part I spend so much time running that my body’s like, Okay, away goes that steak and cheese, away goes that Twinkie.” But she is careful to check the clock when she gets the munchies. “I don’t eat late,” she said. “I probably stop around 8:30, but it should be earlier than that. Sometimes I’ll be in the studio late, and it’s like, ‘Uh, guys, I get a Big Mac or some ice cream or something.'” Read more.

Missy Elliott Now Down 71 Pounds

The Radio 1 Breakfast Show featured Missy Elliott this morning, where she talked about her new slimmed down image. “I’ve lost 71lbs,” she revealed. “I go to the gym four times a day. I run four times a day. I have two trainers, one who trains LL Cool J and D’Angelo when he did his naked video.” Missy also commented on the tragic murder of Jam Master Jay. Audio at bbc.co.uk/radio1 has since been removed.

Missy Elliott Says Keep Your Beefs On Wax

Though she won’t reveal her age, Missy Elliott tells MuchMusic she relates more to a time gone by. “The old school era for me is more warm,” she said. “It’s a lot of bickering right now in hip hop between a lot of major artists and back then if it was a beef between two artists it was about who had the dopest skills and you knew it stayed on wax. Now when you got a beef you gotta go out of the house with a bulletproof vest on. That’s how serious it is.”

Missy Elliott Feels Better About Herself After Weight Loss

MTV News spoke with Missy Elliott about her surprisingly slimmer look which she credits to diet and exercise, though she hasn’t lost her cravings for fattening food. “I still eat bad, trust me,” she said. “It’s definitely a battle. That bread puts 100 pounds on you. You have to get on that treadmill for 20 days to get that bread off. I suffer from high blood pressure, and I take medicine for it, but the doctor said, ‘Hey, you gotta drop some weight.’ In dropping weight, you say, ‘Hey, this might not be so bad.’ You see your face start shrinking, and them jeans you ain’t wore since kindergarten, you can get in now. Not only did I feel better health wise, but I felt better about myself.” Read more.

Missy Elliott Embarasses Herself At Aaliyah Tribute

MuchMusic reports Missy ‘Misdemeanor’ Elliott stayed true to her nickname during a benefit for Step Up Women’s Network in New York City on Tuesday. After the crowd waited more than three hours for her set, Missy took the stage and immediately botched the words to her new song, ‘Work it.’ She then made another mistake by forgetting the words during her Aaliyah tribute including the lyrics to Aaliyah’s ‘One In A Million,’ which Missy herself wrote. Soon after, she bid the crowd goodnight and fans began shouting requests for old Missy hits. When the band started playing ‘Get Ur freak On,’ Missy sang a few bars before calling the show off because, well, she forgot the words. Missy tried to appease the crowd by throwing fans a signed T-shirt. Not unusually, the person who caught it threw it back onstage at the singer.