Missy Elliott Wins Best Hip Hop Video

Missy Elliott took home Best Hip Hop Video at Sunday night’s MTV Video Music Awards for ‘Lose Control’, featuring Ciara and Fat Man Scoop. Upon accepting the honor, Missy told the Miami crowd, “Oh, man. Thank you, MTV. I appreciate this, God knows. I’m gonna make it quick again. I want to thank God, Atlantic, Dave Myers, Hard Hat, Jamaica, Ciara, Fat Man Scoop, The Chicago Dancers, everybody, all my fans, I thank y’all, I love y’all. All that inspire me, Binsy, Usher, I love y’all, baby.” Perhaps the most controversial moment of the night came when Fat Joe handed out the award, and in a swipe at 50 Cent told the crowd, “I like to tell the people home I feel so safe tonight with all this police protection, courtesy of G-Unit.”

‘Teary Eyed’ Video Features Missy Elliott In A Straitjacket

Missy Elliott spoke with MTV News about the video to her new single ‘Teary Eyed’, which will be a dramatic piece. “I’m doing acting, and it’s crazy,” she said. “It’s like a movie, and it’s got a twist to it — I love the twist at the end.” A sneak peek at Missy Elliott’s video for ‘Teary Eyed’ will be shown during MTV News’ ‘Pre-Show by the Shore’ live on Sunday (August 28) at 6 p.m. ET/PT ahead of the Video Music Awards. Read more.

On TV: Missy Elliott, Xzibit, Goldie Lookin’ Chain

Rappers on television this week include Missy Elliott, who visits ‘Total Request Live’ on Wednesday; Goldie Lookin’ Chain, who perform on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ on Wednesday; and Xzibit will get a visit from ‘TRL’ on the set of ‘Gridiron Gang’ on Friday.

Missy Maxes Out

Missy Elliott 'The Cookbook' album cover

Jim Farber of the New York Daily News reviewed Missy Elliott’s new album ‘The Cook Book’, not impressed with the rapper’s sixth album. “Elliott produced some of the songs herself, but more often collaborated with hip-hop soundmen less seasoned than [Timbaland], such as Craig X. Brockman and Qur’an H. Goodman. It’s tempting to finger this switch as the reason ‘Cook Book’ ends up a recipe for disappointment. But Timbaland’s two cuts aren’t any more appetizing than the others. The real problem is that the whole project feels forced: It’s weird for weird’s sake.” The entire review at nydailynews.com has since been removed.

Missy Elliott ‘Lose Control’ Video

Missy Elliott 'Lose Control music video

Missy Elliott is out with the video to her new single ‘Lose Control’, from her forthcoming album ‘The Cookbook’, due July 5th. Watch it via Blastro below.

Missy’s Rep Non-Denial Denial Of Eva Pigford Link-up

Missy Elliott’s rep spoke with The New York Daily News after Wendy Williams’ report linked the rapper to ‘America’s Next Top Model’ winner Eva Pigford. “Wendy Williams has basically linked all of my clients together,” says Mona Scott, who manages both Elliott and Pigford. “She’s a gossip-monger and does this stuff for ratings and so listeners will tune in.”

Jessica’s Previous LP Prompts Talk That Missy’s Show Was Fixed

Before winning Missy Elliott’s reality show ‘Road To Stardom’, Jessica took part in a chat with viewers at UPN.com. Since winning, there’s been a lot of talk about Jessica already having an album out on Restless Records back in 2000, prompting some to think the show was fixed. “Yes. ‘You Can’t Resist’ album is definitely me,” Jessica told a fan who asked about her previous work. “I recorded that back in 2000. I came to Restless as you see me now. They thought who I am today and who I was then wasn’t acceptable – I was from the hood, from the ghetto and representin’. Being myself, you know? They wanted to change me and they did just that. And it totally made my life a living hell. I was uncomfortable. I realized I had to accept myself and love myself for who I am. That is why The Road To Stardom is my redemption. I don’t have to put the weave in my hair or have the skirts way up for you to love me. Thanks for checking up on me and seeing my background and seeing my trials and tribulations in my musical lifestyle. It was hard to get where I am at by keeping it real and staying grounded. By the way, that would never happen again. I will never let anyone change me or make me believe who I am is not acceptable.”