Mr. Cheeks Talks With Soul Train

Mr. Cheeks was on this weekend’s edition of Soul Train and the website has a chat they had with the former Lost Boyz rapper online. Cheeks talked about who he wants to work with in the future saying, “There’s a few people I want to work with. But I’m just continue to do my joint, you know what I’m sayin’? Whoever will want to work with me will work. But you know how the industry go – they be acting real funny.”

Mr. Cheeks Blessed By Quick Solo Success chatted with Mr. Cheeks who commented on his solo efforts and how he’s handled the death of his partner, Freaky Tah. The quick radio success of ‘Lights, Camera, Action’ was unexpected. The rapper admitted, “I didn’t really know it was gonna hit them like that. It’s definitely a blessing, you know what I mean. Word up, I didn’t know it was gonna jump off like that, but you know what I mean, Jah blessed me, so I’m good right now.”

Damian Marley Says Reggae & Hip-Hop From Same Tree

Evelyn McDonnell from the Miami Herald spoke with Damian Marley and Mr. Cheeks ahead of the all-star ninth annual Bob Marley Caribbean Festival Saturday. Marley said, “I feel that hip-hop and reggae are fruits of the same tree. Both are music that come from the streets. Hip-hop evolved out of reggae; it’s the music of today’s generation. I wouldn’t say that we are the bridge, I would say the music is the bridge itself.”

Working With Stephen Marley A Blessing For Mr. Cheeks

Christina Fuoco of spoke with Mr. Cheeks about his collaboration with business partner Stephen Marley, son of legendary reggae artist Bob Marley, saying of their ‘Till We Meet Again’ duet, “It’s just a blessing, you know? His talents and everything, and being a part of his world, and him being a part of my world, too. We’re just making music together and the connection is ill, you know what I mean? He taught me a lot.”

Mr. Cheeks Still Misses Murdered Freaky Tah

Get Real Detroit spoke with rapper Mr. Cheeks who talked about how hard it was dealing with the murder of Freaky Tah, his Lost Boyz bandmate in 1999. Cheeks admits, “It took a little while. It took a little time to get everything together. I had to really question everything to see if I was down for the cause. I had to find out. I moved down to Miami. I was in the studio and I don’t hear my man no more. There were a lot of different things going on.”