Nappy Roots Show How To Rap Without Violence

Lori Burling of Associated Press spoke with Nappy Roots member Skinny DeVille who described the band’s different rap style. “This isn’t just a rap album, it’s coming from all over the place. We’re showing how to rap without putting the violence in it. We’re not disrespecting women and we’re not killing anybody.” Read more.

Nappy Roots Chatting Online At 5 PM Eastern

Just a few hours from now the guys from Nappy Roots will be chatting on, where they’ll be hyping their critically acclaimed debut album, ‘Watermelon, Chicken & Gritz’. Check out the chat at 2:00pPT / 5:00pET.

Nappy Roots Chatting On Monday

Nappy Roots will be taking part in an online chat with Teen People on March 25 at 7.00 P.M. ET. If you miss it then, they should have a transcript up a few days afterwards.

Nappy Roots Talk Watermelon, Chicken & Gritz

Cherie Amour of spoke with the guys of Nappy Roots for their thoughts on the new album. As for what the disc’s title stands for, Skinny said, “‘Watermelon, Chicken & Gritz’ stands for something refreshing as well as good for you. Something you don’t hear every day.” has since shut down.

Nappy Roots Explain Their Four Year Wait

Hip Online spoke with the Nappy Roots ahead of their release of Watermelon, Chicken, and Gritz’ on Tuesday. The group explained the delay of getting the album out since they’ve been signed since 1998 saying, “The world wasn’t ready. The late ’90’s was more bling and a lot of diamonds. I ain’t anti-bling, but that isn’t what we are on. We are more about representing ourselves. The world wasn’t ready for us, but we weren’t ready for the world either. We had to grow up; we had to mature musically and as men. We went through a lot of changes, but its time.”

Nappy Roots Hit Letterman Thursday

Following Tuesday’s release of ‘Watermelon, Chicken And Gritz’, the Nappy Roots will make an appearance on the David Letterman show on Thursday. The sextet will perform ‘Awnaw’. Check your local listings.

You Can’t Put A Finger On Nappy Roots

Ricardo Hazell of talked with Nappy Roots where Ron Clutch talked about the group’s dream to make it big. Clutch says, “When we started we knew that one day we would be famous. To me, music is music and whatever is going on in my life I’m going to talk about it. My music and my lyrics are going to reflect my point of view. I don’t feel that our music is east or west oriented. You can’t really put a finger on Nappy Roots.”

Skinny DeVille Says World Now Ready For Nappy Roots

Skinny DeVille of the Nappy Roots talked with Billboard for the January 19 edition where he talks about the January 26 release of their debut album that’s been shelved for several years. DeVille says, “The world wasn’t ready for Nappy Roots back in ’98, ’99, 2000. The world wasn’t ready to accept a group of guys being country and being nappy, being cool and being humble… Cats are getting tired of hearing the same old s**t – ‘I got this and I got that.’ People want to hear something fresh.”

Big V Sends Much Love

Big V of the Nappy Roots left a message for fans on the group’s official site. In the message, Big V pimps fans to go vote for AWNAW on the BET charts and sends his ‘much love’. The message has since been removed.