Dash Tells Rap Fans Not To Act On Nas & Jay-Z Beef

Damon Dash, co-founder and chief executive of Roc-a-fella Records tells Ryan Teague Beckwith of Newsday that rap fans shouldn’t take the feud literally and should avoid “warring in the streets.” Dash said, “This is just music and there is no reason in the world for there to be any violence. It’s just for the sport – like when boxers box in the ring, they’ve got to keep it there in a controlled environment.”

Gotti Will Try His Best To Calm Jay-Z Fued If Nas Signs

Reilly Capps of the Boston Globe was on hand at the Summer Jam on Saturday night at the Tweeter Center, where Murder Inc.’s Irv Gotti made the news of the evening with word that he’s “90 percent sure” that Nas will join his label. As for whether being on the same label with Jay-Z would escalate their feud, Gotti said, “I’ll try my best (to calm the feud down). I don’t want to start no beefs with nobody. I don’t want nobody to die. You know what happened with Biggie and Tupac.”

Nas To Sign With Murder Inc.

Contributed Anonymously:

Irv Gotti and Ja Rule were backstage at The Jamn 94.5 Summer Jam on Saturday and they Broke the news of Nazir Jones signing with Murder Inc. I dont know how Def Jam will be making it happen since Jigga is their top Artist and Nas been dissin’ them lately but Irv Gotti said it.

Admin note: I’m getting errors trying to connect right now, but will trust this info is true.

Listen To Nas Go Off On Hot 97, Jay-Z & More

The entire interview with Power 105.1 and Nas has been posted by Davey D – where he goes off after being told what to do by Hot 97. Nas said, “You have Jay-Z just making records about how much he hates women which really makes me curious. Ya know what I’m saying? And they [Hot 97] just supported that. They support everything that he does. But when Nas-God’s son answers him back they team up with the evil. You see its a whole evil empire funded by a bunch of other evil empires with Def Jam being one of them who are giving them money to play all their artists records.” Read more.

Hot-97 Defends Decision To Not Allow Lynching

Rush & Molloy of the New York Daily News got reaction from Hot-97 program director Tracy Cloherty on Nas decision not to perform because the rapper wasn’t going to be allowed to perform a mock lynching of rival Jay-Z. “We told Nas months ago he could say anything on mic, but no videos or props,” said Cloherty. “His people agreed. Then, two hours before the show, they brought a 12-foot gallows on the stage. We have a lot of love for Nas, but we had 16,000 people out there and a lot of kids. There wasn’t going to be a lynching on our stage.”

Nas Explains Hot 97 Summer Jam No-Show

Shaheem Reid of MTV News was on hand at New York’s Summer Jam which saw headliner Nas pull out of the gig at the last minute after being “bamboozled” by Hot 97, the concert’s sponsor. “I’m here to let my people know why I am not at the Summer Jam,” he said on former Hot 97’s DJ Steph Lova’s show, broadcast on the rival Power 105. “I been bamboozled, hoodwinked and the whole nine … I’m here to let my people know that I was dissed this morning and told what I couldn’t do on the show. Which is really outrageous and shows that the wrong people are in power … It’s really out of hand and I’m not going for it.”

Nas Boycotts Hot 97’s Summer Jam & Faces Blacklisting

Nas was the headliner at Hot 97’s Summer Jam, the yearly concert in which Jay-Z started the fued between the two by unleashing “Takeover”, a Mobb Deep/Nas diss track produced by Kanye West, sampling The Doors. Nas apparently had an argument with Summer Jam organizers because they would not let him play or perform some Jay-Z diss. When he was denied, he decided he “wouldnt sell out”, and he boycotted the concert. Today on 107.5 (a rival to hot 97), on the controversial gossip’s show, The Wendy Williams Show, Nas called in and called out Hot 97 for selling out and dissed Angie Martinez and Funkmaster Flex. Now, unconfirmed word is that Hot 97 has (possibly temporarily) blacklisted Nas’s Music.

Nas Talks Will Smith And Jay-Z

Nas was musical guest on Last Call with Carson Daly on Tuesday night. After performing ‘One Mic’, Nas talked about working with Will Smith and sort of talked about the Jay-Z beef, though Carson basically steered his response. For a transcript, read on.

The Chameleon Explains Nas Remix

Vibe magazine spoke with Salaam Remi on his work under his alias – The Chameleon – for several artists including his remix for Nas’ ‘What Goes Around’. He explained, “He definitely has his own musical ideas. I think he told me he wanted some murder-gangster music with an old-school feeling. He was like, ‘You know, just something that’s dark, but bright.’ I want you to feel like it’s a sample so you can feel that grit and soul.”

Nas In Irvine Concert Pictures

WireImage.com has photos of Nas in concert at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Irvine, California last night. Nas is opening for Usher on his Evolution 8701 tour. Check out the pictures here.