Nas Sends Mixed-Message At 8701 Tour Opener

Dove of reviewed the Evolution 8701 tour opener in Seattle on Wednesday featuring Usher, Faith Evans and Nas (Mr. Cheeks dropped out). Dove said of the Nas performance, “There was a bit of mixed-message syndrome in his performance – calling for peace then waging lyrical warfare” – the target being Jay-Z in his track ‘Ether’. As for the entire bill, he said, “For the R&B fans who can’t stomach too much rap, you’ll be happy with the musical blend of this tour. For you hardcore headz who don’t get into the R&B thing – a little romance never hurt anyone.” Read more.

Nas Sounds Off On Origins Of Jay-Z Beef

Felon magazine spoke with Nas about his lyrical beef with Jay-Z and what may have been it’s roots. Nas recalled, “It was about a year ago – at Steve Stout’s party. We were kickin’ it and he told me that he’s better than Biggie now. I looked at him like he was crazy.” Nas added, “Then, he really got crazy. He said that Tupac and DMX were not lyricists – they just had the hungry, starving street ni**as coppin’ their sh** – but me and him had all the money ni**as buying ours. I told him that I disagreed with him – that Tupac was the greatest ever – period, and that DMX really brought that street sh** back into the game. Then, this slithering snake goes and does that Summer Jam bullsh**.” has since shut down.

Nas Concert Broadcast On Thursday will be doing a 24-hour audio broadcast of the Nas concert at House of Blues Chicago, which took place February 27. The show begins Thursday, April 4
12:00 pm PST / 3:00 pm EST. No doubt the show will include putting Jay-Z and perhaps R. Kelly on blast.

Nas In Full Diss Mode At House Of Blues reports Nas launched into verbal attacks of Jay-Z, as well as R. Kelly and Russell Simmons. Nas’s DJ played an accelerated version of Jay-Z’s “Hard Knock Life.” While a hype man ripped up a Jay-Z poster–at which the crowd cheered. He later referenced R. Kelly’s rape allegations: “We ain’t touching no little kids on stage. It ain’t no ‘Best Of Both Worlds’.”

Jay-Z Diss Ignites Flame For Nas Absent From Before

Michael Endelman of the Boston Phoenix reviewed the latest CD from Nas, ‘Stillmatic’, and the rapper’s response to the Jay-Z beef in ‘Ether’. Endelman said, “Somewhere deep inside, Nas must agree, for Jay-Z’s attack ignited a creative flame that’s been absent from Nas’s work since the mid ’90s. The result is ‘Stillmatic’, his fifth album and his best since his precocious debut.” The full review at has since been removed.

Nas’ Response To Jay-Z Could Have Ruined A Lesser Rapper

Daniel Gray-Kontar of the Cleveland Free Times profiled Nas ahead of his show Sunday in the city. Daniel said of the much hyped beef Nas answered to with Jay Z in Ether saying, “The release of ‘Stillmatic’, a decade after his seminal debut, finds Nas at a point in his career that few rappers have ever seen. Five recordings later, Nas is still one of the top five MCs to have ever touched a microphone – even though none of his albums have reached the same plateau as ‘Illmatic’. But the widely publicized battle between Nas and Jay-Z – hip-hop’s two most pivotal male solo artists – has elevated Nas’ status even more. If Jay-Z hadn’t already amassed such a large following, Nas’ response to Jay-Z’s dis on the platinum-selling ‘Blueprint’ could have ruined Jigga’s career in the same way KRS-One ruined MC Shan and LL Cool J ruined Kool Moe Dee. Rarely has such a raw piece of lyrical manslaughter been recorded as ‘Ether,’ Nas’ response to Jay-Z.”

Nas Says He’s No Gimmick Rapper

MTV News spoke with Nas on the release of his follow-up to ‘Got Ur Self A …’ on ‘Stillmatic’ entitled, ‘One Mic’. The non radio friendly track may not have been advised but Nas proclaimed, “At this stage, I’m definitely not the gimmick rapper. I’m definitely not the commercial rapper trying to make people happy. I’m just the voice, so ‘One Mic’ is all I need to give me the voice, and this video will be nothing like what you’re seeing out there, just the simple moving around and dancing.” Read more.

Bubba Sparxxx Says Nas Won Beef With Jay-Z

Bubba Sparxxx

Radio 1 spoke with Bubba Sparxxx who offered his opinion on the beef between Jay-Z and Nas. Bubba said diplomatically, “Nas won the battle hands down as far as the songs go. But personally I like Jay-Z’s album the ‘Blueprint’ better than Nas’ album. I ain’t siding with either person but as a Hip Hop fan, that’s just the way I see it.” The entire audio interview and transcript at has since been removed.

Nas Announces Stillmatic Tour

Nas announced dates on a short tour of the U.S. which will begin February 23 in Athens before ending March 30 in Las Vegas. “We gonna be getting to all the towns so people can get a chance to experience Illmatic to Stillmatic, the whole travel right onstage,” he said last week. “It’s gonna be right.” Read on for all of the tour spots.

Nas Not Talking About Retiring Anymore

All Hip Hop spoke with Nas about talk that the rapper planned on retiring after 3 more albums. Nas said, “That leaked out and I don’t really like to add on to that, because I’m not talking about retiring [at this time] and, I think that people take that and run with it. That wasn’t the case. I was just talking in general.”