Nas Adds Fuel To Jay-Z Beef Fire & Hits At Roots Too

Worldpop reports Nas appeared on a radio show with Funkmaster Flex and criticized the Roots for working with Jay Z on his recent Unplugged album. Also, Nas criticized State Property, the first movie to be released from Jay Z’s Roc-A-Film division. Nas blasted, “‘Brothers making movies called State Property. We’re not state property. It’s a shame. It’s ignorant. It’s wrong. Straight up, we’re God’s Property… We been past that era already. It’s time to have some real music step up and not just kiss ass because this guys selling records.”

Top Nas November Searches

Searches for Nas during November were fairly high with 26,621 searches for the rapper during the month on search engine Second on the list was ‘Nas lyric’ with 2808 searches. The Nas v Jay-Z beef hadn’t heated up during the month as ‘Nas vs Jay Z’ was the highest related search with only 165 queries. No doubt that bumped up during December.

Origin Of Jay-Z And Nas Beef Explained

Douglas Century of The New York Times profiled the beef between Jay-Z and Nas that exploded during Jay-Z’s recent MTV Unplugged appearance when he told the crowd, “We’re gonna keep it in the truest essence of hip-hop: the battle” then launched into his ‘Takeover’ song blasting Nas. Nasir Jones then of course struck back with a parody of ‘Izzo’ and later ‘Ether’. The article has since been removed.

‘Stillmatic’ Lives Up To The Hype For Nas reviewed the latest effort from Nas and had great things to say about ‘Stillmatic’. Tackz said of the album, “‘Stillmatic’ lives up to the hype in every way. This is without a doubt my pick for best album of 2001. Scoop this album up as it will be a classic in no time!” has since removed the review.

Bruce Banner Breaks Down Nas Vs. Jay-Z Beef’s Bruce Banner (not the Incredible Hulk I presume) broke down the fued between Jay-Z and Nas as it compares to 2pac Shakur and Biggie Smalls. Banner said, “This feud is not close to creating a murderous environment like the one that hosted the tragic events that happened with 2pac and Biggie,” adding “Honestly at this point, neither is absolutely sure why this came to the point it is now.” Read more.

Nas & Lil’ Bow Wow Open Fairly Strong

Most acts were greatly helped by the week before Christmas buying rush so sales figures by Nas and Lil’ Bow Wow may look impressive in volume, but must be taken into context. ‘Stillmatic’ sold 342,000 copies to debut at number eight, while ‘Doggy Bag’ sold 319,000 copies for a number 11 opening. Wu-Tang Clan’s latest, ‘Iron Flag’, opened at 32 with 153,000 copies sold, with Jay-Z’s ‘MTV Unplugged’ right behind at number 34. ‘Ruff Ryders’ Ryde or Die Vol. III: In the “R” We Trust’ opened at number 38 and finally, ‘The Source Presents: Vol. 5–Hip-Hop Hits’ hit number 70.

Nas Album Given 9 Of 10 Rating

Nas 'Stillmatic' album cover

Steve ‘Flash’ Juon of gave his thoughts on the latest album from Nas, ‘Stillmatic’, giving it 9 out of 10. Said Juon, “While no album may ever top his debut’s brilliance, this one comes close enough to make even his most passionate haters happy to hear the raw essence of hip-hop revealed in all it’s true glory.” Read more.

Nas To Drop 3 More Albums Then Retire

Nas was on a Philadelphia radio station last week where he announced that after releasing 3 more albums he’ll be giving the rap business up. The LP’s are to be titled “Death of Escobar,” “Nastalgia,” & “Nas
Writes No More.” As for his plans after that, Nas said, “In the future, I’ll be living positive, married with children, writing some films & some plays.”

Nas Comes Full Circle With Music

MTV spoke with Nas about his feeling that the rapper has a lot at stake with his new album ‘Stillmatic’ which he doesn’t credit to Jay-Z nor his standing against other top New York rappers, but as he said, “It’s because I’ve come full circle with my music. It’s because I’ve come full circle with my music. ‘Illmatic’ was the first album, and I’ve always been hearing it from the critics about ‘Nas’ first album was a classic and can he do it again?’ and ‘I don’t like his next album’ or ‘He went this, he did it this way, he was commercial or pop.'” Read more.

Jay-Z Enters Club To Nas Tracks

The New York Daily News reports just as rapper Jay-Z entered Eugene’s, the dj at the place was spinning Nas’ “Stillmatic” which caused a furious Roc-A-Fella Records chief Damon Dash to scream at the unsuspecting spinner. Promoters Noel Ashman and Samantha Ronson brought peace to the situation by spinning 15 Jay-Z tracks in a row.