Nas ‘Hero’ Video

Nas 'Hero' music video

Nas is out with the video to his new single ‘Hero’, the first official single from the New York City based rapper’s ninth album ‘Untitled’, out now on Def Jam Records. Watch it via YouTube below.

Nas 'Hero' cover art

Prodigy Labels Nas A Turncoat

In an interview with, Prodigy sounded off on fellow Queensbridge rapper Nas. Asked about Nas’ new album ‘Ni**er’, Prodigy responded, “I don’t even like talking about that ni**ger now. I don’t even like ni**a man. He’s a turncoat ni**a. He’ll switch sides on you, so I don’t even fu** with Nas, so he can call his album whatever he wants. That sh** is completely irrelevant to me. We on a whole ‘notha page over here.”

As for what prompted the bad blood, Prodigy said, “I just said it, he’s a sucka as ni**a, and he do sucka sh**.” Prodigy is set to release ‘H.N.I.C. Part 2’ through Voxonic Music in March. YouTube has since removed the video.

Nas ‘Surviving The Times’ Video

Nas is out with the video to his new single ‘Surviving The Times’, featuring Cee-Lo, one of two new tracks featured on the New York rapper’s best of album ‘Greatest Hits’, out now on Columbia Records. Watch it via YouTube below.

‘The Big Story’ Discusses Nas’ N-Word Album Plans

‘The Big Story with John Gibson and Heather Nauert’ covered news that Nas is planning to title his upcoming album ‘Ni**er’, talking with’s Chuck Creekmur and’s Felicia Palmer about the move. Fox again played the clip where they cherry-picked the worst of Nas’ lyrics and both Chuck and Felicia called them on it.

Video at has since been removed.

Nas And Kelis Leaving Privilege

Nas and wife Kelis were seen leaving Privilege in Hollywood on Thursday night (September 13). Kelis yelled, “Go away!” Then their security guard asked cameras to back up, saying, “You’ll see me and you’ll regret the next time you see me.”

Video footage from has since been removed.

NORE Was ‘Crushed’ Over Nas Diss caught up with N.O.R.E. for a Q&A, asking about how he reacted when Nas threw him under the bus on Power 105 a few years back saying his album was wack. “I was crushed, I hurt me,” N.O.R.E. admitted. “I knew he was mad and he apologized later on in life, but I don’t think I accepted that apology. I wanted that apology. But the crazy sh** is he’s on that album (‘Hit Me Slime’), the first voice you heard was him! What kind of idiot move was that? I felt like, ‘Damn, is this the level we at?’ I was at Def Jam at the time and I can’t say the persons name, but when he was supposed to come on at Hot 97 to show Jay-Z hanging, it was some Def Jam n***as pulling the plug on that. Me and Foxy Brown are on the radio saying we going to hold you down Nas, nobody going to pull the plug on you on one station and he throwing me under the bus on the other station. I felt terrible, because this is someone that could of came to me like a man and told me that. I know I how it is at the heat of the moment and you mad at people but you don’t throw your family under the bus. I was crushed.” Read more.

O’Reilly Blasts Virginia Tech Pres For Allowing Nas To Perform

‘The O’Reilly Factor’ host Bill O’Reilly blasted Virginia Tech during his Talking Points segment on Wendesday (August 15), notably university president Dr. Charles Steger, for choosing Nas to perform at a back to school Memorial Concert in memory of the shooting victims. “After 32 human beings are murdered at Virginia Tech a concert welcoming students back features a guy who traffics in violent lyrics,” O’Reilly moaned. “How disturbing is this?” O’Reilly spoke with Center for Neighborhood Enterprise’s Robert Woodson and hip hop journalist Bakari Kitwana about the controversy.

Video at has since been removed.

Now my talking points on this issue… Unlike many of Bill’s attacks on hip-hop, given the situation at Virginia Tech, he has a valid point here. But I would say that he probably wouldn’t go after an actor who played in a violent role at some point giving a commencement at the school, unless that’s all the actor is known for. Well in Nas’ case, he’s known for a wide variety of lyrical topics and has a large catalog of songs. If he avoids his songs with violent lyrics at the event, and given this is a lineup of several acts, his set is probably short enough where this could be easily accomplished, then there shouldn’t be a problem. If Nas disrespects the memory of the victims of Seung-Hui Cho and raps about guns and killing, then O’Reilly should have carte blanche to hammer him… He’ll deserve it only then.

Nas’ Birmingham Show Demands


The Mirror hears Nas has demanded a police escort to and from his gig Friday night at The Works in Birmingham. “Under no circumstances is the artist to be delayed arriving or departing the venue due to traffic,” the 33-year-old rapper demanded. He also wants Kentucky Fried Chicken, 24 assorted Snapple drinks, blackberries, cranberries, and three BMW X5 4x4s.