Nas Dropping New Album In September

MTV News caught up with Nas, who previewed his new album ‘Hip-Hop Is Dead … The N.’, due out in September. “I didn’t name it that. Fans named it that; rappers named it that,” he elaborated about the title. “It’s been the talk for years, so here’s an album that brings … not even the rebirth, it’s just an album with that thing that everybody is talking about. I got a street look coming real soon, and more soon after. Summertime is definitely going to be Nas time.” Read more.

Nas Backtracks On Eye Raising Album Title

Nas caused a bit of an uproar after telling The New York Daily News he planned on calling his new album ‘Ni**er’. “That’s the name right now,” he said, spelling it out in case he wasn’t misheard. I don’t care about sales,” he explained. “Well, tonight I don’t. I never was a big sales dude, so it never really mattered.” Rev. Al Sharpton complained, “I’m astonished by the psychological gymnastics some people perform to make that self-denigrating word acceptable.” But Def Jam spokesman Jana Fleishman spoke with the rapper and relayed that he was “being facetious.”

Carmen Bryan Tells All About Sparking Nas & Jay-Z Feud

Carmen Bryan is talking to King magazine about cheating on Nas with Jay-Z, which fueled the pair’s long and bitter feud. Bryan spoke about how she met Hova at the Roxy. “He just followed us the whole night. I was like, ‘Who is this fool? What does he want?’ But he was very persistent,” she explained, and Jay eventually won her over. “I kept thinking this would be horrible if Nas ever found out,” Bryan admitted. The closest call was “Mariah Carey’s New Year’s Eve party in ’99. Nas had me stuck in this one corner the whole night. I spot Jay-Z and he sees me, but he can’t see Nas ’cause it’s so crowded. He’s coming over with a bottle in hand and I’m shaking like a leaf, sweating bullets. My makeup is running, I’m like, ‘Oh my God, tonight’s the night.'” It wasn’t. But eventually, “I came clean because I felt like Jay-Z … was trying to belittle Nas by dropping subliminal things about me and Jay in their songs. … Then, afterward, [Nas] lost it.”

Will Nas Sign With Def Jam?

After Nas joined the stage with Jay-Z last week, some are wondering if Nas will sign with Jay. Island/ Def Jam chairman L.A. Reid tells MTV News he’s open to having Nas on his team, but would not say for sure. “I don’t know if I have a comment for that,” Reid said last week in New Jersey about Nas’ possible signing. “I’ll tell you what, I absolutely love him. He’s an amazing artist. I have loved him and supported him for years. He’s been a great supporter of mine. And obviously he and Jay-Z have a mutual respect and love and admiration for each other. So let’s just see. I really don’t know. Let’s see what happens.” Read more.

Jay-Z And Nas Put Beef To Sleep In Onstage Show Of Unity

MTV News reports that Jay-Z and Nas united onstage at the Continental Airlines Arena, embracing each other and performing ‘Dead Presidents’. Shaheem Reid writes, “Jay told everyone that he was inspired by all the collaborations onstage Thursday night and introduced Nas with a ‘Let’s go Esco.’ Nas came out on a riser above the Oval Office. He quickly ran down the stage to join Jay, and you could see all the artists backstage looking through the windows to witness that moment. Jay and Nas performed ‘Dead Presidents’ together for the first time (Nas’ voice is sampled on the chorus) and anyone who did not get goosebumps or chills at that moment had to be either dead or not in their right mind.” Read more.

Nas Q&A

MTV News caught up with Nas for a Q&A and asked the rapper about the status on a new album. “The album is … I started working on it,” he said. “I had to pause to go back and look at it, because what I’m doing has hardly ever been done: taking a career to the next level. Usually artists don’t make it this far. It’s never been seen that a street artist go as far as I’ve gone — keep consistent without wanting to do a bunch of ventures outside of music to keep my face out there. I had to look back and pat myself on the back and really prepare to do what’s not been done: to go for another few years in this thing and make it historic, the way it’s supposed to be.” Read more.

Nas Convinced He Saw Alien Spaceship reports that Nas is convinced of life on other planets after witnessing an alien spacecraft fly over Los Angeles four years ago. “I’ve seen the ship,” the rapper insisted. “Four years ago in LA, I fu**ing saw a UFO. If you’d seen it you’d fu**ing bug. In the papers they said they were testing missiles. Right. That’s what they say. Missiles is bullet-shaped.”

Nas To Ether 50 Cent

Contributed Anonymously:

I was at the rock the bells show here in California with Ghostface, Rae, Redman, Nas with others. Nas tore the ***** down at the end of the show he brought a slew of famous underground emcees, KRS-One, Talib Kweli, Supernatural some others….but during his set about halfway through people started chanting for ether. Nas told the crowd he doesn’t do that song anymore cause “he’s got love for everyone” but then said ***** it and did it anyways (the parts in the beginning he didn’t say ***** jay z he said nah don’t say his name to the crowd, then when he got to the 2nd verse where he starts to get into jay he cut the song.)

anyways the music stops and he says “you know I got another one of those coming out real soon, aimed at a certain person” then he just said the opening lines on MC burial “they said Jada defeated him, Joe too street for him, I guess all that’s left is for Nas to ether him…”

Nas Bites Back At 50 Cent With ‘MC Burial’ has a clip from the new Nas diss track aimed at 50 Cent in response to ‘Piggy Bank’ entitled ‘MC Burial / Don’t Body ya’ Self (50 Cent Diss)’. “They say Jada defeated him, Joe too street for him / So I guess now it’s time for Nas to ether him,” Nas declares. “It’s on nigga, I’ma bury ’em / these niggas don’t want beef, they’re vegetarian.” has since shut down, so check it out at YouTube.