N.O.R.E. Hangs Out With Friends On New Album


Following the #3 debut of his new album ‘God’s Favorite’, N.O.R.E. caught up with Latoya Hunter of Katrillion to talk about the album. “Most of (the artists who appeared on my album) were really my friends that I hang out with,” he said. “It was just like hanging out with them except this time, we made music.”

N.O.R.E. Explains Name Change


Yves Erwin Salomon of Launch.com spoke with N.O.R.E., who talked about the decision to drop his old name Noreaga on his new Def Jam Records album ‘God’s Favorite’, due out on June 25. “I left the ‘aga’ at the other label with the anger,” he explained. He previously had recorded with Tommy Boy Records.

Noreaga Had Trouble Getting Into Hot 97 Party

Contributed Anonymously:

Noreaga had some trouble getting into the Hot 97 “One Night Stand Party” in New York City at the Hammerstein Ballroom on Valenetine’s Day. When he got to the party he was greeted by the NYPD. He got back into his limo and tried to get away but they stopped him 2 blocks away. The reason: Non-payment of Child Support.

Flo Anthony Update Featuring Puffy & Noreaga

Flo Anthony added an update today with news on Puffy’s reaction to Jennifer Lopez getting married [he didn’t know until Access Hollywood told him during an interview], rapper Noreaga producing a film ‘Whut Whut’ that features acquitted double murderer O.J. Simpson in a cameo role, Flo’s thoughts on the odd Erick Sermon ‘accident’, and an update from Master P. FloAnthony.com has since been shut down.