Hesta Prynn ‘Can We Go Wrong’ Video

Hesta Prynn 'Can We Go Wrong' music video

Hesta Prynn is out with the music video to her new single ‘Can We Go Wrong’, the title track off the New York City alternative hip hop artist’s EP, out now. “The intro to the song has almost a stop-motion quality to it – I wanted it to be the sonic equivalent of Max Headroom,” the Northern State member tells Spinner. “When the director and I talked about bringing the song to life, stop-motion seemed like a great way to do that.” Watch it via YouTube below.

White Women Enter World Of Rap

Toure, a contributing editor at Rolling Stone spoke with FoxNews.com about the new crop of white female rappers entering the game including Sarai, Jessy Moss and the group Northern State. “Hip-hop is so much about blackness and maleness and black women can get in the game based on their blackness, and a white man can get in the game based on their proximity to black men,” Toure said. “But white women don’t connect on either end. It’s going to be really hard to envision a white girl on the mic having some credibility and legitimacy.” Read more.

Northern State Bring Political Edge To Hip Hop

Northern State

The New York Daily News caught up with Robyn ‘DJ Sprout’ Goodmark of Northern State about the hip hop female trio’s political edge. “I think there is a long history of hip-hop groups with a political conscience, even if that’s not currently the popular thing,” says Goodmark. “There was Public Enemy. There’s Dead Prez. I like to think of us as part of that legacy.”