Afeni Shakur Loves 50 Cent’s Collaboration With Tupac

A soundtrack for ‘Tupac: Resurrection’ will be released on November 4th. The set will include three new songs, ‘Running (Dying To Live)’ featuring Notorious B.I.G., ‘One Day At A Time’ featuring Outlawz, and ‘Ghost’ featuring Eminem. caught up with Tupac Shakur’s mother Afeni, she said that one of her favorite songs from the soundtrack is the last track, ‘Realest Killers’ featuring 50 Cent. “It’s the one with 50 Cent. I’m sorry I hope it’s not a bad thing for me to say it,” she explained. “I know people got like, ‘Whatever,’ but you know I like really like it when he says (Laughing)… I love it when he says, ‘Until Makavelli returns, all eyes on me.’ I love it. I love it. (Laughing) I absolutely…I love it. I love it. I love it.”

Unreleased Tupac Songs On The Way reports four “unreleased” Tupac tracks featuring the Notorious B.I.G., Eminem and 50 Cent will hit stores in November on the latest posthumous set from the rapper. “I got sent a bunch of Tupac acappellas and went crazy with them,” Eminem said. “‘Runnin’ has a chorus by Edgar Winter, and as he’s singing it, you’ll hear Tupac coming in, then Biggie comes in. It’s kinda like they’re just talking about each other and the whole drama that was going on.”

Eminem Produces Track Featuring Both Tupac And Biggie

MTV News reports Eminem recently completed production of ‘Running (Dying to Live),’ the first single from the upcoming ‘Tupac: Resurrection’ soundtrack. In addition to the verse from Pac, the record includes a Notorious B.I.G. rhyme for the first verse. The ‘Tupac: Resurrection’ soundtrack comes out on November 4th and features four new Tupac songs in all as well as a slew of his greatest hits. The film that inspired the soundtrack hits theaters on November 14th. Read more.

Biggie & Tupac Murders Like Kennedy Assassinations

‘Thugz Lives’ director Sylvester Stallone is likening the deaths of Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls to the assassinations of the Kennedys. “It’s like the JFK conspiracy to the black culture,” he tells the Chicago Sun-Times. “There has never been an arrest. Why? It’s like taking out the two biggest stars, like Eminem and Harrison Ford, and not one arrest while this happened in front of everyone. It makes you scratch your head and go, ‘Huh?'”

Daz Says Suge Killed 2Pac caught up with Daz on Monday for a extensive interview, where he talked about Mystikal getting attacked, what’s up with his new deal on So So Def, plans for a new book, his thoughts on who killed Tupac Shakur and Biggee Smalls, what the situation is with Crooked I at Death Row, and more. Asked who he thought killed Pac, Daz responded, “I say Suge Knight’s bitch ass… Who else has got the money and the power to do some sh** like that? Ain’t nobody else in the world feuding but him. If you look at that Biggie & Tupac tape, that’d tell you all. Got that little fat white man in the chair snitching his fu**in’ heart out.” Read more.

Stallone Working On Film About Biggie And Tupac reports Sylvester Stallone is working on a film about the deaths of rappers Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur provisionally calling ‘Thugz Lives’. “The hip-hop soundtrack would push the story along also,” Stallone revealed. “It’s gonna conjure up memories, because we have to use Tupac, Biggie, you have to use music from that era, and then kind of segue into new stuff, but it’s got to have the feel of stuff from ’97, so it’s more old skool.”

Broomfield Urges The Public To Contact The LAPD reports ‘Biggie & Tupac’ filmmaker Nick Broomfield is urging the public to contact the Los Angeles Police Department’s Police Chief William Bratton to demand more investigation into links between the unsolved murders of rap greats Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur–the subjects of his documentary.

Interview With ‘Biggie & Tupac’ Director

Cynthia Fuchs of PopMatters interviewed ‘Biggie & Tupac’ director Nick Broomfield and asked if either murder case will ever be solved. “The case has been reopened, and when I spoke to Russell Poole last — and I don’t know if he’s being unduly optimistic — he said he thought it would be solved this year,” Broomfield said. “The investigation is in motion again, witnesses are being re-interviewed, and there seems to be a renewed vigor to come to terms with what happened.” Read more.

A Big Showing From Lil’ Kim

Jon Caramanica of the Boston Phoenix reviewed Lil’ Kim’s latest effort, ‘La Bella Mafia’. He writes, “This is Lil’ Kim’s third album, and one that’s been in the making for almost three years. Compared with the lightheartedly sexual tone of her earlier recordings, it’s positively dour. Sure, there’s plenty of hypersexual game playing, but for each racy tune, a new incarnation — we’ll call her Kim the Grim — takes a turn at the mike. The result is a more complex Lil’ Kim persona: sassy yet faithful, scheming yet sincere, high-strung yet low-down.” The full review at has since been removed.