Tha Outlawz Coming Back With New Album, No Tupac Guest Spots

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With Tha Outlawz down to only a trio — Kastro, Young Noble and E.D.I. — they are preparing the release of the group’s next album titled ‘Outlawz 4 Life 2005 A.P.’. The Outlawz are back to show that they can shine on their own without help from a Tupac featured single. The full article at has since been removed or relocated.

The Outlawz Sign With Cash Money Records

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2Pac’s rap group known as The Outlawz has inked a deal with Cash Money Records. Kastro of the Outlawz has confirmed the signing. You can view their offical site

Tha Outlawz Working With Mob Life Records

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Mob Life Records is an independent label based out of the west coast. They are releasing a new album by their artist Cablez entitled The Movement.

The album has guest appearances from EDI & Napoleon of the Outlawz, JT The Bigga Figga, Assassin, San Quinn, Hassachi Ryda and Muszamil formely known as Hellraza on 2 tracks. Production is done by EDI, Assassin and Hella Tight, who is Mob Life Records main producer. The article at has since been removed.

Napoleon Now A Former Outlawz Member

Napoleon is saying he is no longer a member of the Outlawz. He said, “Yeah, what’s going on? This is Napoleon from the Outlawz, better yet, former member of the Outlawz, doing my thing down here with Mike Dean. Out here, out here dropping fire for the solo album coming to take you hard. Scriptures From A Thug’s Point Of View. Holler at your boy solo, Napoleon.”

Outlawz New Video to Feature New 2Pac Footage talked to Outlawz member Kastro about the group’s upcoming remix of “World Wide Mob Figgaz” which will include never before seen footage of Tupac Shakur. As for hooking up with 2pac, Kastro says, “Basically we came together…I am Pac’s cousin, you know what I mean? Me and him grew up together.”