Papoose Gets Sucker Punched On Film… Uncle Murda Tied In?

RealTalkNYTV’s ‘The Papoose Show’ features the Brooklyn rapper getting sucker punched the other night, with the clip’s creator giving the 28-year-old a tough time for grabbing a pole nearby to keep from falling down. The video treatment prompted one YouTube commenter to write, “This was clearly retaliation for the Uncle Murda snuff situation.. The goons set-up or knew were Pap was gonna be interviewing, and ambushed’em!.. It’s no coincidence how Uncle murda just put out a YouTube vid talking sh** around the same time this video surfaced.. Also, Murda is the only one who refers to Pap as the ‘Geiko lizard’ and who ever edited this sh** had that all over it.. This is just some lame attempt to discredit Paps rep.” The fight clip and the Murda clip referenced in the message have since been removed from YouTube.

Papoose: I’m Doing Good, I’m Still Handsome

Papoose checked in with fans to deny claims that he was cut in the face or was in the hospital. “Anything that happened in the streets, I let stay in the streets,” he insisted. “I never been one to get on the internet and incriminate myself, perform for the hip hop police, I don’t believe in that man. Basically, I’m just here to let man fans know I’m doing good. Take a close look at my face man, I’m still handsome.” YouTube has since removed the video.

Papoose ‘Fitted Hat Low’ Audio

Papoose has posted his new track ‘Fitted Hat Low’ on his Myspace player. Listen to the song, which is in hos forthcoming major label debut album ‘The Nacirema Dream’, at

Hi-Tek’s ‘Where It Started At (NY)’ Video

Hi-Tek 'Where It Started At (NY)' music video

Hi-Tek is out with the video to his new single ‘Where It Started At (NY)’, featuring Jadakiss, Papoose, Raekwon, and Talib Kweli, from the album ‘Hi-Teknology Vol 2’. Watch it via YouTube below.

Hi-Tek 'Where It Started At (NY)' cover art

NY Rapper Maino Releases Diss Track To Veteran Rappers

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Maino — who has worked with the likes of Lil’ Kim, Papoose and the list goes on — has recently released a track entitled “Take It Like A Man,” going at any veteran rapper in the game still trying to boost his career in music. He says lines like, “Out with the old and in with the new.”

DJ Kay Slay ‘Can’t Stop The Reign’ Video

DJ Kay Slay 'Can't Stop The Reign' music video

DJ Kay Slay is out with the video to his new single ‘Can’t Stop The Reign’, featuring Bun B, Papoose and Shaquille O’Neal, from the album ‘The Champions: North Meets South’, due out August 22nd. Watch the video via MTV below.

Hip Hop Summit National Town Hall Meeting

Papoose, Jim Jones, and Foxy Brown attended The Hip Hop Summit National Town Hall Meeting on Wednesday (July 12) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The event uses Hip Hop as a platform to empower youth in community and educational involvement. Check out pictures from GettyImages.

Busta Rhymes ‘Touch It (Remix)’ Video

Busta Rhymes 'Touch It (Remix)' music video

Busta Rhymes is out with the video to his new single ‘Touch It (Remix)’, featuring Mary J. Blige, Missy Elliott, DMX, Lloyd Banks, Rha Digga and Papoose. The clip features an intro where Busta dedicates the video to his slain friend Israel “Izzy” Ramirez, who was murdered during last month’s filming of ‘Touch It’. Watch the video below.