Yung Envy And Pastor Troy Atlanta Photo Shoot

Yung Envy And Pastor Troy
Footage of Yung Envy and Pastor Troy at a photo shoot in Atlanta has been posted on Envy’s YouTube channel. The pair team up on Envy’s new single ‘Keep It 100’, with a music video coming soon. Watch the video below.

Pastor Troy Addresses Recent Police Shooting In North Carolina

Pastor Troy 'By Any Means Necessary'

The senseless murders of officers Sean Clark and Jeffery Shelton in East Charlotte, North Carolina on March 31st was a horrible tragedy. Thankfully police have apprehended and charged a suspect, Demeatrius Montgomery, with two counts of first-degree murder in their deaths. Through reports from the media and police, It has come to the attention of hip hop artist, Pastor Troy, that the police speculate that the suspect was possibly listening to his single, ‘Murda Man’ shortly before the shooting. Read more.

Pastor Troy Arrested

Pastor Troy 'By Any Means Necessary' reports Pastor Troy and two bodyguards were arrested Friday (February 21) in Atlanta, Georgia after drugs were found in a vehicle the rapper was traveling in. “It was just short of what appeared to be one ounce of suspected marijuana,” Sgt. Wayne Prosser said. The rapper, whose real name is Micah Levar, initially gave a fake name to cops, but later admitted his identity when officers found a copy of his CD in the truck.

Pastor Troy Readies New Group Album

Pastor Troy 'Universal Soldier'

Contributed Anonymously:

Down South artist Pastor Troy and his group Down South Georgia Boyz (D.S.G.B.) have released their debut album, Til’ Death Do Us Part, on Universal/Motown Records is out now. The full article at has since been removed or relocated.

Trying To Be Black? Try Being Yourself

Contributed by ArkansasRoodBwoy:

I have a problem with judging. Every race seems to have a problem with white guys liking rap and the hip-hop culture. I am a white guy, with a black girlfriend, my favorite music is rap, and I like the culture and find it very interesting. I wear my clothes baggy, wear du-rags and crooked caps. I was born in Arkansas and lived in Georgia, now Virginia, and have found comfort in rap music, particularly the dirty south. I rap as well, which seems to make me a target. “You wanna be like Eminem,” “You’re trying to be black,” “Stop trying to be black, you’re white.” Things like that are often thrown my way. It’s very annoying. Personally, I think black women are gorgeous. No, that doesn’t mean I hate white girls. No, that doesn’t mean I’m racist towards anyone else. I have a preference, like anyone else may like blondes, or big breasts, I find black women to be very gorgeous. I love dark women. Another thing, I don’t see myself as trying to be black. I’m being me, it’s not my fault I like big cars, chrome rims, rap music, and black women.

Pastor Troy Loves What Puffy’s Business Has Done

Pastor Troy 'Universal Soldier'

The Ru Report talked with Pastor Troy on what influenced him to get into hip-hop in this week’s edition. “It wasn’t really a particular artist that influenced me but anybody successful that I could look up and say, ‘Damn, they doing something!’ that push me enough right there,” said Troy, who recently released ‘Universal Soldier’. “Puffy is my dog. I just love his business. I just love what he did, like how he started and where he’s been. I’m all for it. I’m young, man, and I got a lot of time. I got a lot of time.”