Pharrell Talks About Neptunes Album

Pharrell Williams of the Neptunes was interviewed by KTLA as his music producing project with Chad Hugo got their own music put out on ‘Clones’. Pharrell talked about the surprise of having a #1 album and more. has since removed the video.

Pharrell’s Job Is Done With Britney Spears

The Neptunes/N.E.R.D. star Pharrell Williams has a short diary in the October issue of Teen People where he talked about working on Paulina Rubio’s new album, but he’s apparently done working with another pop singer. “I’m not one to sling mud, but I heard that Britney Spears said she won’t work with the Neptunes again on her new CD,” Pharrell explained. “That’s probably her nice way of being pissed because we didn’t do anything with her yet. But it’s cool. We did our thing on her last album and now she’s a huge star. My job there is done.”

Pharrell Surprised By ‘Clones’ Topping Album Charts

Pharrell Williams tells that he’s thrilled to finally see The Neptunes top the album charts with ‘The Neptunes Present: Clones’. “I was very, very, very surprised,” Pharrell said. “That’s due to like just good people like you guys just giving us a chance to put something different out and I’m very, very appreciative. I know not a lot of people know us, but the fact that you guys let the music persevere and bring us to #1 is an incredible feeling.”

Pharrells Props To Britney, Justin & Snoop

Britney Spears, Nelly and *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake all owe some of their biggest hits to the Neptunes’ magic touch, but Pharrell Williams is quick to honor the people he’s worked with. “Snoop, that’s my boy man. He’s like, anything I’ve asked him to do he’s just done it,” Pharrell told Radio 1. “That’s my heart right there – Snoop, Justin and Jay-Z, those are my boys right there. Britney’s an amazing talent. We wanted to work with her because she’s so amazing and unafraid. She steps out. If you repeat yourself you’re only inviting stagnation to your creativity, and that’s not what I want.”

Pharrell Signs Copies Of The Neptunes Debut Album

Pharrell Williams of the Neptunes autographed copies of his the production team’s debut ‘The Neptunes Present…Clones’ at Tower Records Sunset on Thursday (August 21) in Hollywood, California.

Pictures at WireImage have since been removed.

Chad And Pharrell Have Always Clicked Musically

Zac Crain of the Dallas Observer caught up with N.E.R.D. member Chad Hugo who admitted his partnership with Pharrell Williams didn’t mesh right away. “Personality-wise, no,” Hugo admitted. “I mean, sorta. Here’s how it was: When we were in school, he used to bang on the cafeteria table, and he used to rhyme; he used to rap. I’d hook up at my mom’s house. Had this cheap little studio and I’d do beats and write. Then he started doing beats. It was kinda weird, you know what I mean, but at the same time it was good. I guess, ultimately, we learned from each other. Musically, we’ve always clicked. Over a time, it’s been like some kind of brotherhood, I guess.”

Pharrell And Neptunes Accused Of ‘Cloning’ Beats

As the Neptunes’ Pharrell Williams and partner Chad Hugo launch their new album, ‘Star Trak presents… Clones’ today in stores nationwide, they must do so amidst allegations from a young Canadian man who claims that Williams and his Star Trak Entertainment ripped off beats that he posted on their web site.

Pharrell & Puffy Attend Hudson Hotel Bash

N.E.R.D.’s Pharrell Williams and Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs were on hand as Karolina Kurkova hosted the opening of Private Park at Ian Schraeger’s Hudson on Wednesday (June 4) in New York. Check out pictures from GettyImages.