Pitbull ‘Timber’ Video Ft. Ke$ha

Pitbull 'Timber' music video

Pitbull is out with the music video to his new single ‘Timber’, featuring Ke$ha, off the Miami rapper’s EP ‘Meltdown’, out now on Mr 305. Watch the David Rousseau directed video via YouTube below.

Pitbull 'Timber' cover art

Pitbull Apologizes For ‘Give Me Everything’ Lindsay Lohan Diss

Pitbull rapper

Pitbull has officially apologized to Lindsay Lohan for dropping her name in his hit song ‘Give Me Everything’, but TMZ says that doesn’t make LiLo’s lawsuit against him any less ridiculous. “When I mention Lindsay Lohan in the record it’s really a positive message,” the Miami rapper said in his apology message. “When I say I got it locked up, if you play at the park, if you from the neighborhood, when they say you got it locked up, that means you run that area.”

Watch the report, featuring the TMZ crew goofing on Pitbull for using the non-word “defamate”, below the cut. (more…)

Pitbull Live Set & Collaboration Discussion

Pitbull on Walmart Soundcheck

Pitbull did a live set and interview on Walmart Soundcheck. The rapper performed ‘Shut It Down’, ‘Hey Baby (Drop It On The Floor)’, ‘Give Me Everything’, ‘Bon Bon’ and ‘Hotel Room Service’.

During the interview with the retailer, Pitbull talked about collaborations. “On collaborations. There’s a plan there’s always a plan. Does it always plan out? Definitely not,” the Miami rapper explained. “You go in with a goal. You move a certain way. You move in the right direction, but as the project grows, the songs mutate and they take on a life of their own, and sometimes some artists see it, some artists don’t.”

Check out the rapper’s comments below and additional pictures below the cut. The live set and interview can be viewed at Soundcheck.walmart.com.


Pitbull & Ryan Seacrest Team Up On ‘Give Me Everything’

Pitbull dropped by ‘On Air with Ryan Seacrest’ and the duo dropped a verse of ‘Give Me Everything’ a capella, with the ‘American Idol’ host playing the role of Ne-Yo. Pitbull also offered a plug for his new album ‘Planet Pit’. “75% of the album was recorded in hotel rooms, bathrooms. I want people to see exactly what it takes to take it to this level,” the Miami rapper explained. Watch it via YouTube below.

Pitbull Live At AXE Lounge

Pitbull performs at AXE Lounge

Pitbull performed a live set at AXE Lounge in Dallas, Texas on February 4th for Super Bowl weekend. Vevo has footage of the Miami rapper’s show, including his ‘DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love’, ‘Hotel Room Service’, ‘Hey Baby (Drop It To The Floor)’ and ‘Shut It Down’. Watch it below.


Hard Work Pays Off For Pitbull In Bolivia

Pitbull checked in with PlanetPit from Bolivia. “Just goes to show you, hard work pays off,” Mr. Worldwide says in the brief video. “Little by little we takin’ over the world. I don’t talk about it, I be about it.” Watch the video via YouTube below.

Pitbull ‘This For Those’ Live Freestyle

Pitbull posted concert footage of his ‘This For Those’ freestyle, which is “for those that chose to sleep on Pit.” The Miami rapper told the audience, “Since I came back, they’ve been saying, Pit, since you throwin these suits, you don’t rap for the streets no more. Then I told them, what the fu** would I rap for if I wanted to stay in the streets? That don’t make no mutherfu**in sense.” Watch it via YouTube below.

Pitbull Chicago Concert Highlights

Pitbull performing live in Chicago at The Aragon Ballroom earlier this year. Mr. Worldwide posted highlights from the show, including his stage entrance, checking in on his sleeping security, and the concert itself. Watch it via YouTube below.

Pitbull Nokia Theatre Concert Highlights

Pitbull, Machel Montano, and friends made a stop in New York City for the Carnaval Tour back in June. Watch highlights from Mr. Worldwide’s Nokia Theatre show via YouTube below.