Slimmie Hendrix ‘Stuntman’

Slimmie Hendrix

Slimmie Hendrix, formerly Pittsburgh Slim, is out with his new single ‘Stuntman’, out now on iTunes. The song is released on Snowballers Entertainment, the record label founded by music video director Ray Kay. The song is also currently available for free download at Listen to the song at YouTube.

Pittsburgh Slim Preps For Parties Celebrating ‘Tastemaker’ Release

Pittsburgh Slim

Pittsburgh Slim checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@pittsburghslim) ahead of next Tuesday’s release of his debut album ‘Tastemaker’. “What uuuuuuuuup?? So here’s what’s been going on,” Slimmie writes. “I just shot a video for my mixtape song ‘First Date’. Expect it to be posted by no later than 12-4-07. ‘Toy’ is my new single!! Hope u like it. Last week I was in my man Felli Fel’s new video for ‘Buck In Here’. I’ve been coolin’ out in LA, Orlando, and Detroit. Good times in all. And I’ve been setting up album release parties in NYC, LA, and of course the mighty 412 Pittsburgh :) U see all the sh** taking place in Pittsburgh this weekend (all listed in my shows section on my page). The big LA party is on December 4th at Element. The NYC party is pretty much invite only, but if u wanna come, message me and I will see what I can do. Sh** should be picking up real soon. Can’t wait til I come to your city. Holla at the kid when I do :)”

Pittsburgh Slim Talks With DC’s Hot 99.5

Pittsburgh Slim

Toby Knapp of Hot 99.5 in Washington, DC talked to Pittsburgh Slim about Pennsylvania Football, 50 Cent’s financial tips, and the fine art of landscaping.

The interview audio, posted Thursday (September 27), has since been removed at

Def Jam Signs Pittsburgh Slim

Pittsburgh Slim

Contributed Anonymously:

Now City Productions, Inc., Ski and Pittsburgh Slim would like to thank all who have supported Slimmie and his first single “Girls Kiss Girls”. We would like to send a special thanks to the entire DJ Community, Michael Newman at , CL and the entire Digiwaxx Team, Bobby Loco from Goodlife Cali Promotions and all he did to break the west coast wide open, Reg Reg & Tye from Fly Guy Management Slim’s official management team, Sonny Cheeba & Camp Lo for their vision and creative direction and of course super producer Ski who always brings the heat with the beats and creativity to make classic hits! Also a special thank you to Jay Z, L.A. Reid and everyone at Def Jam who saw the talent and vision of Pittsburgh Slim. Without your support and the team behind Slimmie none of this would be possible. Thank you to all. – Franz Tudor, CEO Now City Productions, Inc.

Pittsburgh Slim: I Signed With Def Jam

Pittsburgh Slim

Pittsburgh Slim posted the following bulletin to fans on his MySpace (@pittsburghslim) on Wednesday (August 29):

ummm, yeah. I signed to Def Jam today.

Jay-Z and L.A. Reid landed the one and only Pittsburgh Slim. 2007. The hype is real.

He similarly posted on his MySpace blog:

Jay-Z and L.A. Reid stepped up to the plate and signed me today. After being courted by several labels, this was the right choice. The best has yet to come.