Prince Paul Interview

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In a recent interview with The Reality Box Hip-Hop legend Prince Paul discussed his most recent project, “Itstrumental,” why he’s given up reading reviews of his albums, and his possible retirement plans. To read the full feature click here.

Prince Paul Attacks Lame Commercial Hip-Hop

Christopher O’Connor of the Cleveland Scene chatted with Prince Paul who admits hip-hop is as bankrupt as it’s ever been. “All these records the majors are putting out now aren’t really rap records,” he asserted. “They’re designed to be pop records. Everything’s so limited now, and to me, that makes it look a little bleak. It’s a sad thing. I used to listen to stuff on the radio and be inspired.”

Prince Paul Is Still Taking Care Of ‘Business’

The mixed reaction to ‘Politics of the Business’ is something Prince Paul has become used to over the years. “My record is going to either hit or miss,” he tells Rafer Guzman of Newsday. “People are going to think it’s the most incredible thing ever, or they’ll be like, ‘Oh, my God, that was horrible.'”

Prince Paul Returns With ‘Politics Of The Business’

Prince Paul 'Politics of the Business' album cover

Prince Paul is going a straighter route with his latest, ‘Politics of the Business’, sort of. “The whole album is a parody,” Paul tells the Long Island Press. “The concept is based on what happened in real life. I handed in Prince Among Thieves, and my label [Tommy Boy] said, ‘Oh this is incredible.’ Then they said, ‘You need to put on more singles’.” Paul didn’t acquiesce, and the album ended up sitting on the shelf for more than a year before it was released, with little promotion. “[Now] I am spoofing what the label wanted me to do,” says Paul. “I got all these guest artists, made what I call fast-food hip-hop music.”

Prince Paul Readies 3rd Solo LP

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Prince Paul is preparing to release his third solo album, ‘Politics Of The Business’, a commentary on the state of the music business, and will feature appearances from Ice-T, The Beatnuts, DJ Premier, Guru, Biz Markie, Erick Sermon, Chuck D. and Chris Rock.