Princess Superstar ‘Perfect’ Video

Princess Superstar is out with the video to her new single ‘Perfect’, from the album ‘My Machine’, released on !K7 Records. Watch the video via YouTube below.

What If Princess Superstar And Eminem Had Kids?

Shannon McCarthy of Get Real Detroit chatted with Princess Superstar and asked about the unlikely combination that would have her and Eminem having children. “I think they’d be pretty talented lyricists,” she explained. “He’s pretty f**ked-up, so the kid would be pretty f**ked-up.” As for her thoughts on the top hip-hop bling-blingers who are raking in all the cash, she said, “The beats are getting better, but the lyrical content is pretty much sh**. Everything sounds like a commercial.”

Princess Superstar At Lot 61 Bash

Female rapper Princess Superstar was at the Jockey Teams Up with Naked Angels party held at Lot 61 in New York City on Tuesday. Check out photos from the event courtesy here.

Princess Superstar Quits Her Day Job

Amelia Abreu of the Dallas Observer spoke with Princess Superstar, who’s found enough success to devote all of her time to music. “I finally quit my day job,” she says. “I was running the label, and I was working for someone, updating a Web site. But really, I’ve done everything. From working retail, selling glass ornaments, to baby-sitting, to waiting tables.”

Princess Superstar Says Eminem Comparisons Are Lazy

Jessica Suarez of the Arizona Daily Wildcat spoke with Princess Superstar about the comparisons she receives to Eminem, where she’s often dubbed ‘Feminem’. The rapper said, “I think he’s a great lyricist, but I think what I do is a lot different from what he does. I add elements of electronica punk rock to my music. This is already my fourth album. I play instruments and produce and sing. I’m more than just an MC. I think it’s a real lazy comparison. I think it comes off of people hearing just one song like ‘Babysitter,’ or something like that. But at the end of the day, he is a great lyricist, so it’s also a compliment.”

Princess Superstar Previews Controversial New Video

Princess Superstar spoke with Radio 1 about her controversial new video for ‘Bad Babysitter’. She revealed,”There’s different boyfriends in the shower, a little kid Josh, he’s this cute little red-haired boy and I terrorize him and tell him that mass murderers are coming. Then the Pizza boy comes over – he’s great and then I sort of do something nasty with him, and it’s pretty crazy.” The entire interview and a performance of the new single has since been removed from

Princess Superstar Keepin’ It Real

Tom Lanham of the San Francisco Examiner talked with the woman dubbed the female Eminem, Princess Superstar, about how she’s been able to be taken seriously. Concetta Kirschner (her real name) said, “I never sold out to a major label — I started my own label and always kept it real, never pretended to be something I wasn’t. And the proof is in the pudding, with all these great guest stars on my album. It’s not like I can pay ’em a lot of money — they wanted to appear because they dig what I do.”

Princess Superstar Tours Toronto Sex Shops

MuchMusic caught up with Princess Superstar during her trip to Canada where the station took her shopping at one of Toronto’s finest sex shops. Princess Superstar said, “There’s so few women in the music industry, whether it’s hip hop, punk rock, rock and so when somebody steps up you have to represent for women and I do consider myself a feminist. My brand of feminism is like, I’ll have my t**s out.”

Princess Superstar Is Earns High Marks

'Princess Superstar Is' album cover

Russell Baillie of the New Zealand Herald reviewed the new album from white girl rapper Princess Superstar, giving ‘Princess Superstar Is’ 4 stars, saying, “Not only is she blackly funny and rude throughout this vital 16-track album — the early ‘Bad Babysitter’ is laugh-out-loud stuff — but it’s also the aggressive I’m-already-famous alter-ego she projects that makes her compelling.” Read more.

Princess Superstar Addresses Eminem Comparisons

White female rapper Princess Superstar talked with MTV UK about comparisons between her and Eminem or Vanilla Ice, prompting her to say, “Vanilla Ice? Ha ha! Sure, I’ve been compared to Eminem, but if you listen to my whole record, I’m really nothing like Eminem. We’re not alike at all, but I don’t mind the comparison. It’s better than being compared to Britney Spears.”