Ras Kass Finally Released From Capitol Records

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After several years of fighting to get released from his recording contract with Capitol Records, Ras Kass is finally being set free. The rapper recently revealed that he entered into a settlement agreement with the label, but the exact terms of which have not been disclosed. But nonetheless, Ras Kass (real name: John Austin) is legally free of obligations to the label and is free to sign with whatever label he chooses. “I am just relieved and thankful to my management team, all the magazines that showed me love since this started and everyone that showed their support for me over these past few years,” said Ras Kass of the long overdue departure. “Now I am anxious to finally be able to pursue my passion, spread my wings and remind the world why Ras Kass is one of the greatest MCs of all time, dead or alive.” Read more.

Ras Kass Home From Prison

AllHipHop.com reports that rapper Ras Kass was released from Corcoran State Prison in California on December 21st, after serving almost 2 yearsfor a third DUI conviction.

Ras Kass Fightin’ Hard To Get Out Of Priority

Ras Kass is back and on the attack with ‘R.A.S. (Fu** Priority)’, blasting his record label Priority Records. Ras Kass aims to release a new album , ‘Re-Up,’ around May-June of this year. This will be independently released and is set to feature all new tracks and guest appearances.