Meth Says Cheech & Chong Comparisons Cool

Steve Jones of USA Today spoke with Redman and Method Man about the pairs new flick, ‘How High’. The dope themed movie has caused many to compare the duo to another grass smoking film pair causing Meth to say, “We ain’t taking nothing away from Cheech and Chong. It’s cool to be compared, but the only real comparison between us and them is the weed-smoking element. We just wanted to do this together because a lot of people suggested it to us. This is a movie for our age and for our generation.” Read more.

Redman, Method Man Announce Tour Dates

Method Man

Sonicnet reports while Redman and Method Man will be touring clubs and small theater’s, they seem to be eyeing the big dough a major tour could get them by opening for bigger acts. A desperate sounding Redman offered, “I hope Jay-Z starts [another] Hard Knock Life tour. That’s what I’m waiting on. Come on, Jay-Z, you got five mics in The Source magazine. Start that tour up and throw me and [Method] Man on there, ’cause you know we’re blowing the spot.” Redman added interest in opening for DMX and Ja Rule.

No Smokin’ Weed On ‘How High’ Set

All Hip Hop talked with Method Man and Redman about their movie ‘How High’ where they responded to there feelings of not being able to smoke weed on a film with a drug theme. Meth says, “Cuz we was in a work environment. You gotta keep it professional. I respect that. We ain’t smoke on the set but we’d go outside that door and..” Redman finished his sentence saying, “Smoke up a storm!”

Redman and Soundman Disappoint Milwaukee Audience

Gemma Tarlach of the Journal Sentinel was on hand at the Redman show in Milwaukee Saturday night and left very disappointed in a show that not only lacked energy, but lacked acoustics and a decent sound man. To top it all off, Redman came out 2 hours after the opening act… Even though the turntables had been set up long before. The full story at has since been removed.