Lil Kim Speaks Out On Remy Ma Attacks

Lil Kim was live at Shade45 with DJ Whoo Kid, where she spoke out on her beef with Remy Ma. “Everything she do has got too much testosterone,” Lil Kim said. “Everybody that knows me knows I ain’t gonna come at someone for no reason. I spread love to my females. Every female that came in the game I embrace them, because that’s what you gotta do. When I came in, they embraced me… But it seems like all the females that come in the game, they gotta take shots at me. It all started when I got the five mics. She’s on the radio, talking reckless, ‘Fu** that. My sh** hotter than hers’. C’mon Ma, I do this. This is what I do. Biggie crowned me Queen B, you can’t take that away from me. I’m sexy, I’m a sexy motherfu**er… And then it’s like when I got locked up, she’s again talkin’ reckless on the radio. And when I come home, she comes to my party. It’s like, ‘You know Kim, I love you. Can I take a picture with you.’ I brushed a lot of sh** off, I let a lot of sh** slide. But enough is enough. This is where it is. Whatever. I ain’t gonna dedicate no more time to that because it’s all about me, and at the end of the day I’m that bitch.” Watch it at DailyMotion.

Remy Ma Charged With Witness-Tampering And Gang Assault

Sydney Holmes, a buddy of Remy Ma’s alleged shooting victim, tells the New York Daily News he was brutally pummeled in what prosecutors say was the rapper’s effort to silence witnesses. “I have nothing against Remy but I just want justice to be done,” said Holmes, 25. “How can they break my jaw and still be walking the streets?” Because of the beat down, the Bronx-born rapper now faces witness-tampering and gang assault charges as well as first-degree assault for the original shooting. Read more.

Remy Ma Crashes Vivica A. Fox Party, Gets Booted

Remy Ma attempted to crash Vivica A. Fox’s New York birthday party Tuesday night, despite being told to stay away. “Remy and her management were asked not to attend by the club in advance, due to her pending court case for attempted murder,” an organizer tells the New York Daily News. But the lady rapper showed up and showed off her curves in a tight dress on the red carpet until “she was turned away at the door by a wall of security.” Read more.

Remy Ma Attempted Murder Perp Walk

Remy Ma was led away from the 6th precinct in Greenwich Village after being arrested and charged with attempted murder on Saturday (July 14) in New York City. WENN has since removed the pictures.

Remy Ma Arrested In New York Shooting

Remy Ma was arrested Saturday on charges of attempted murder in a shooting outside a trendy Manhattan nightspot, police tell The Associated Press. “I ask everyone to keep an open mind,” attorney Scott Leemon said. “Things are not always as they seem.” He said an arraignment would be likely be held on Sunday.

Swizz Beatz Live With Special Guest

Remy Ma and Styles P were on hand for Swizz Beatz Live with Special Guest Hosted By Mister Cee and Hot 97 FM on Sunday (April 8) at Club Avalon in New York City. Check out pictures from WireImage.

Musikfest 2006

LL Cool J and Remy Ma performed at Musikfest 2006 on August 6th at Riverplace Stage in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Check out pictures from WireImage.