Gorilla Zoe ‘What It Is’ Video Ft. Rick Ross & Kollosus

Gorilla Zoe 'What It Is' music video

Gorilla Zoe is out with the video to his new single ‘What It Is’, featuring Rick Ross & Kollosus, the second release off the Atlanta, Georgia rapper’s second studio album, ‘Don’t Feed Da Animals’, out now on Bad Boy South. Watch the R. Malcom Jones directed video below.

On TV: Rick Ross, Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne dreads

Rap acts on television this week include:

Rick Ross, who performs on ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’ (NBC) on Monday.

Lil Wayne, who performs on ‘The View’ (ABC) on Friday.

Rick Ross Checks In From Where Pablo Escobar Was Killed

Rick Ross 'Deeper Than Rap'

Rick Ross checked in with fans while in Colombia, right at the spot Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar was reportedly gunned down. “You know if you want it uncut, they say you gotta come to Colombia, so that’s what we did,” the Miami rapper explained. Watch the message below the cut. (more…)

J-Money ‘I’m Ballin’ Video Ft. Rick Ross

J-Money 'I'm Ballin' music video

J-Money is out with the video to his new single ‘I’m Ballin’, featuring Rick Ross, off the Jackson, Mississippi rapper’s new album ‘My Life Check Me Out’, out April 28th via 35/35 Entertainment. Watch it via YouTube below.

Rick Ross ‘Mafia Music’ Video

Rick Ross is out with the video to his new street single ‘Mafia Music’, the second release off the Miami rapper’s third studio album ‘Deeper Than Rap’, out April 21st via Poe Boy Entertainment. Watch the Spiff TV directed video below.

50 Cent Posts “Brooke” Sex Tape As Latest Salvo In Rick Ross Feud

50 Cent has posted video of a sextape featuring a woman indentified as Brooke, who is reportedly a mother to one of the Rick Ross’ children. The 13+ minute video was posted at BooBooTV.com (NSFW) and features the G-Unit mainman as Pimpin Curly narrating and commenting the scenes. “I want you to watch this on your tour bus Ricky,” 50 says in the clip. “I want you to watch this on your motherfu**in tour bus Ricky… Now how the fu** you gonna say you a boss and you run a motherfu**in crew and can’t even control your bitches. Is this ni**a lickin on the Rick Ross tattoo ? The n***a lickin on the Ricky tattoo. Oooh sh**. Oooh man. Somebody need to make an announcement.” The black male on the receiving end of Brooke’s lust is blurred out and not identified.

Rick Ross ‘Magnificent’ Video Ft. John Legend

Rick Ross 'Magnificent' music video

Rick Ross is out with the video to his new single ‘Magnificent’, featuring John Legend, the first release off the Miami rapper’s third studio album ‘Deeper Than Rap’, out April 21st via his label Maybach Music Group. Watch the Gil Green directed video below.

Rick Ross Sounds Off On 50 Cent With Hot 97’s Funk Flex

Rick Ross visited Hot 97 in New York City on Monday (March 9) to talk with DJ Funkmaster Flex about his ongoing beef with 50 Cent. The Miami rapper talked about the origin of the hostilities, his belief that 50 doesn’t write and needed Lloyd Banks to come back at him, how he’s able to hang with the people unlike 50 who ran away with his money, the cartoon involvement, and Flex’s belief that family needs to be left out of beef. Watch the 2-part interview below.

Officer Ricky Arrests Suge Knight

50 Cent’s Saturday Cartoons Presents his 4th episode of ‘Officer Ricky’, featuring an animated Rick Ross at his best once again as he arrests the one that he previously looked up to: ex CEO of Death Row, Suge Knight. After smacking T.I., Ricky is seen hitting the club, picking up Suge and putting him in a cell with 50 and Chris Brown. Watch the cartoon below.