Eminem Inducts Run-DMC Into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

Eminem inducted Run-DMC into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on Saturday (April 4) in Cleveland, Ohio as Rev. Run and Darryl ‘DMC’ McDaniels looked on before taking the stage. “I remember being in ninth grade when Raising Hell came out,” he recalled, “Two years later, I still remember being in ninth grade when Tougher Than Leather came out. I had skipped school, if you can believe that, to go buy Tougher Than Leather on cassette the day it came out. As soon as I heard ‘Run’s House,’ man, it was pretty much a rap for me. Marshall Mathers became Eminem. It was the first time Run-DMC had changed my life, but it wouldn’t be the last. Two turntables and a microphone.” Unfortunately the video ends without comments from Run or DMC and nothing appears to have been posted yet at YouTube. Watch Em’s remarks below.

5 Years Later – Jam Master Jay Slay Still Unsolved

With the murder of Run-DMC’s Jam Master Jay marking its fifth anniversary on Tuesday (October 30), the Associated Press profiled how there still hasn’t been an arrest despite a substantial reward and a lengthy investigation. “The people who know something haven’t talked,” said Jay’s mother, Connie Mizell-Perry. “They have to live with themselves. Whoever did it, let them live with themselves.” Bill Adler, a hip-hop historian and one-time Run-DMC publicist, added, “There are people who may not be directly culpable, but they damn sure know who did it. And they keep their mouths shut because they know they could be the next one to end up dead.”

Leno’s Run-DMC ‘Joke’ In Poor Taste

Jay Leno made a tasteless joke during his Tonight Show monologue on Wednesday night, given the shooting murder of Jam Master Jay. “The Reverend Run, from Run-DMC is getting his own Osbourne-style reality show on MTV,” Leno said. “I think it’s called ‘Just Shoot Me’.”

KRS-One Performs In New York

Kool Herc and Mrs. Mizell (Jam Master Jay’s Mother) were on hand for the KRS-One concert on Wednesday (April 6) at SOB’s in New York City. Check out pictures from FilmMagic.

Jam Master Jay’s Mom Carries On Without Him

Jam Master Jay’s mother Connie Mizell-Perry insists her son had no obvious enemies. She told The Associated Press: “I never dreamed anyone would want to kill him” — yet theorizes his assailant was “someone he knew very well.” She also believes the killer, though at large, must be suffering. “They’re not free right now,” she said. “Whoever did this is leading a troubled life.” Mizell-Perry now is promoted a new charity named in her son’s honor. The Jam Master Jay Foundation for Youth, which she runs with another son, Marvin Thompson, hopes to raise $2 million for college scholarships.

It’s Like That: 20 Years Of Run-DMC

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As usual, when Bill Adler sends out notice of another showing – the turnout is usually overwhelming. The small and very cramped studio in New York City, is a bit more intimate than one would normally feel comfortable with, but nevertheless it serves as one of the bright spots. For photos and info, click here.

Jam Master Jay Murder Still Unsolved

The Associated Press reports that a year has passed since a gunman walked into Jam Master Jay’s recording studio and — possibly after greeting him with a hug — pumped a bullet in his head. Since then, police say they have pursued “several significant leads,” including some that suggest the rap pioneer died in a money dispute. But Thursday’s anniversary of a slaying that shook the music industry appeared likely to pass with the killer still at large. Homicide detectives say the case remains a top priority and deny reports their hunt for the gunman has stalled.

Jam Master Jay’s Deadly Debt

Jam Master Jay was most likely murdered over an unpaid drug debt, according to a story in the December issue of Playboy magazine’s Frank Owen. The mag’s story details how Ronald ‘Tinard’ Washington, a suspect in the Run DMC deejay’s murder who was part of a teenage burglary crew with Jay in Queens, accompanied the Run-DMC DJ to Baltimore, where they gave 10 kilos of cocaine to sell to a street-level dealer named Yaqin, another former member of their old Queens crew. Yaqin ran off with the coke, Owen reports, leaving Jay owing $180,000 to a major-league drug dealer. “Everybody in Jay’s inner circle knows that Jay was involved in arranging drug deals,” a source told Owen. “But nobody wants to talk about it because they don’t want to tarnish his image.”

Run-D.M.C. Preps ‘Ultimate’ Hits CD, DVD

Billboard reports that almost a year after the murder of founding member Jam Master Jay (Jason Mizell), legendary rap act Run-D.M.C. will be celebrated Oct. 28 with ‘Ultimate Run-D.M.C.’ The Arista two-disc CD-and-DVD set features 18 audio tracks spanning the group’s career as well as 14 video clips and a mini-documentary.