Feds Probe Rap After Jam Master Jay Murder

The New York Post reports federal prosecutors are investigating several “playaz” in the rap industry for possible criminal conspiracy – and may expand their probe to include the recent killings of Run-DMC DJ Jam Master Jay and rap promoter Kenneth Walker. “[The Feds] look at all rapper-related cases, which is why they’re going to be looking at these two,” a law-enforcement source said.

Jam Master Jay Tribute Page

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Please visit, reflect, and drop a few words at the Jam Master Jay Tribute Page we’ve put up this weekend at j-m-j.com and hiphoplegend.com. Eventually, we’d like this to become a site that people can come to and learn about one of the founders of Hip Hop. Feel free to make content contributions.

Jay Master Jay’s Last Words ‘Oh Sh**!’

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Electronic Urban Report has an article at that has more info on the case including his last words and an accounting of the huge monetary debt that murdered Run-DMC DJ Jam Master Jay owed various people including the state of New York. The state says it will go after his estate for the money. Money is also being collected to buy the house his wife and children live in so they will not be on the street. Read more.

MC Kwajo Devastated Over Jam Master Jay’s Murder

MC Kwajo, of Canadian hip-hop group Ghetto Concept — who are on the same label as Run-DMC in Canada — was shocked when he first heard the news of Jam Master Jay’s murder in Queens last week. “It’s definitely devastating. He was more than a DJ. He was up front in the group and it’s gonna be a lot to get over for sure,” Kwajo said. “I met him in Montreal when Ghetto Concept opened for DMC. Jam Master Jay came up to us after the show and said, ‘Yo, your stuff is hot.’ He also asked us if we had a manager. For him to acknowledge us and say those things was a big deal to me. He was real cool. He was chill. He wasn’t Hollywood. He was a regular dude.”

Radio Salutes Jam Master Jay, But Keeps The Beat

The New York Daily News reports Power-105 and Hot 97 have been trying to keep the delicate balance between remembering the late Jam Master Jay of Run DMC and keeping the beat he helped create. Power 105 played Run DMC music though didn’t talk about his death. Hot 97 also played their music, but took a harder look at the violence that led to his murder in ‘Street Soldiers’. Flavor Flav of Public Enemy talked with Power 105’s Ed Lover and Doctor Dre insisting part of the answer is “less violence in the music.”

Stephan Jenkins Weighs In On Jam Master Jay’s Death

Third Eye Blind singer Stephan Jenkins, who sang, produced and co-wrote a song on Run DMC’s last album, ‘Crown Royal’, commented on Jam Master Jay’s tragic murder in Queens on Wednesday (October 30). “Jay was the forward momentum in Run-DMC. He’s what kept the band together,” Jenkins said. “Between Run and Dwayne he was that guy pushing things. When I first heard ‘Rock Box’ it was the strangest thing I’d ever heard… They shaped so much of what the musical landscape is today.”

Rap Promoter Gunned Down In The Bronx

The New York Post reports 31-year-old rap promoter Kenneth Walker was slain in a hail of gunfire as he sat behind the wheel of his car in The Bronx yesterday. The murder has further fueled fears that the shooting death of hip-hop legend Jam Master Jay of Run DMC signals a new wave of rap violence. “At the present time, there is nothing that would indicate that this is connected to the thing in Queens,” said a detective from the 40th Precinct.

Jam Master Jay Murder Reportedly Caught On Tape

Sources tell Allhiphop.com that the murder of Run DMC DJ Jam Master Jay in Queens on Wednesday night (October 30) was caught on tape by recording studio camera’s and that the police confiscated the video. While early reports suggested the murderers were buzzed up, sources state that they entered the recording studio through a cracked door.

Aerosmith React To Jam Master Jay Murder

Aerosmith released the following statement on aerosmith.com in reaction to the murder of Jam Master Jay: “Run DMC and Jam Master Jay’s gift to the world was a new kind of music for a whole new generation, and their gift to us was a piece of ourselves back. Jay was scratching before anyone had the itch and was still at the top of his game when we played with him this summer. We will hear him every night when we play ‘Walk This Way.'” Steven Tyler and Joe Perry of Aerosmith joined the rappers in 1986 for a hit-making cover of the Aerosmith classic, ‘Walk This Way.’

Tweet And Musiq Comment On Jam Master Jay Murder

Tweet and Musiq have commented to MuchMusic on the tragic murder of Run DMC DJ Jam Master Jay in Queens on Wednesday night. Tweet said, “They’re the godfathers of rap. He will be greatly missed and it was totally a tragic thing that happened to the whole hip hop community.” Musiq added, “They basically helped make what Def Jam is and I’m on Def Jam, Def Soul, so it’s a pretty emotional thing for me.”