50 Cent Security Beefed Up After Threats

The New York Post has more details on 50 Cent, the protege of slain DJ Jam Master Jay of Run DMC. They talk about his bitter fued with Ja Rule that dates back to 1999 after 50 said to Source magazine, “[Ja Rule] got robbed, and he seen me with who robbed him. From then on, he treated me very differently.” Before last Monday’s record release party for ‘8 Mile’ at Discotheque, Eminem’s manager Paul Rosenberg and Shady Records A&R man Mark Labelle demanded that armed guards be allowed inside the club for 50 Cent’s performance. The Discotheque said no so 50 Cent waited in his limo until performance time, before doing a short set. All this has some cops speculating on a link to Jay’s murder.

Police Fear New Rap War After Jam Master Jay Murder

WB11 reports police are fearing a possible new rap war following the shooting of Run DMC member Jam Master Jay. Cops are now watching over other rap figures including 50 Cent, who had to cancel his show on Thursday.

Friends & Family Puzzled Over Jam Master Jay Murder

Associated Press reports friends and family mourning Run DMC DJ Jam Master Jay are puzzled over his slaying. “There’s no reason,” said the victim’s teenage son, Jason Mizell Jr. “He didn’t really do anything wrong.” Russell Simmons insisted, “Before the media rushes to attribute this to East Coast-West Coast violence, they should examine Run-DMC’s two decades of contributions and Jam Master Jay’s personal character.”

Jam Master Jay Is ‘The Master Of Disco Scratch’

Ed Masley of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette weighed in on the tragic murder of Run-DMC DJ Jam Master Jay on Wednesday night. Masley writes, “Jam Master Jay took hip-hop to the suburbs, scratching his fingers right into the history books while Run and DMC extolled his virtues on not one but two cuts from their classic debut album.” He added, “Much like an earlier ‘King of Rock,’ Run-DMC didn’t invent the sound so much as take it to the masses. And Jay was a crucial component of the group’s appeal, providing the musical hooks beneath the raps on an amazing string of early singles.”

The full story at post-gazette.com has since been removed.

Kardinal Offishall On Jam Master Jay’s Murder

Toronto rapper Kardinal Offishall weighed in on the murder of Run-DMC DJ Jam Master Jay to MuchMusic. “They were the epitome of what hip-hop’s become,” Kardinal said of the veteran hip hop act. “Back then, they were going platinum and getting clothing endorsements and many artists followed their lead. Every artist that grew up on hip-hop had to at some point listen to Run-DMC. They’re one of those groups that everybody in hip-hop had to experience for sure.”

Jamie Foster Brown On Jam Master Jay’s Murder

Jamie Foster Brown called into the Tom Joyner Show on Thursday to talk about Jam Master Jay’s tragic death on Wednesday night in New York. She says they definitely were going at Jay, and speculated that maybe it was some kid that didn’t get a record deal with him. They also talked about how Run DMC wasn’t about the thug life so it didn’t make any sense. The clip at tomjoyner.com has since been removed.

Jurassic 5 Play Uplifting Set After Jam Master Jay Murder

Dan Aquilante of the New York Post was on hand at the Jurassic 5 show at the Hammerstein Ballroom on Wednesday night, where Grand Master Flash, who announced that Jason “Jam Master Jay” Mizell – a founding member of Run-DMC — had been murdered earlier that evening. The announcement sucked the life out of the crowd, but afterwards J5 played one of the most uplifting hip-hop performances in memory.

Flo Anthony Comments On Jam Master Jay’s Murder

Flo Anthony was on K104 Thursday morning to share her thoughts on the tragic execution style murder of Run-DMC DJ Jam Master Jay on Wednesday night in New York City. Flo says Jay never did anything to bother anybody so she doesn’t understand how this could have happened. Audio at k104fm.com has since been removed.

Russell Simmons Says Jam Master Jay Is ‘Irreplaceable’

Russell Simmons commented on the death of Run-DMC’s Jam Master Jay to the Associated Press earlier today. “Jam Master Jay was a longtime family man and one of the founders of the group that knocked down all the doors for hip-hop, and a dear friend of mine. I loved him,” said a devastated Simmons. “I will miss him. He is irreplaceable.”