Sage Francis ‘Love The Lie’ Video

Sage Francis is out with the music video to his new single ‘Love The Lie’, off the Providence, Rhode Island hip hop artist’s latest album ‘Li(f)e’, out now on ANTI-. Watch the stop-motion video by Jim Foltice via YouTube below.

Sage Francis ‘The Best of Times’ Video

Sage Francis is out with the video to his new single ‘The Best of Times’, off the Providence, Rhode Island hip hop artist’s fourth studio album ‘Li(f)e’, which saw Francis working with a live band and outside songwriters to score the music. ‘Li(f)e’ is out now on ANTI-. Watch it via YouTube below.

Sage Francis ‘Liu Kang Wins!’

Sage Francis and SFR labelmate Jared Paul added a whole new sonic dimension to a game of classic Mortal Kombat, singing ‘Liu Kang Wins!’. The clip below is from Sage’s ‘Life Is Easy’ DVD, which contains over 2 hours of live, behind-the-scenes, and interview footage.

Sage Francis SXSW Strange Famous Records Showcase Highlights

Sage Francis performed at the Strange Famous Records Showcase during the 2009 SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas. The rapper provided a sneak preview of one of his newest tracks ‘Slow Man’, performed another new new track called ‘I Was Zero’, as well as his ‘A Healthy Distrust’ track ‘Sea Lion’ and joined B. Dolan in a performance of the new track ‘House of Bees’. Watch the ‘House of Bees’ performance via YouTube below.

Sage Francis And B. Dolan Interviewed In France

Sage Francis and B. Dolan are featured in a backstage interview after a show in France, where they talked with Les Films Du Reel about themselves and only being aware of MC Solaar in the French hip hop scene before ending with a lighthearted freestyle. Watch the video, which mixes in performance clips, below.

Sage Francis Reacts To Barack Obama Victory

Sage Francis reacted to Barack Obama’s win in Tuesday’s presidential elections on his blog at MySpace (@sagefrancis) earlier today. The Providence, Rhode Island hip hop artist tells readers:

When this victory settles in some more I’ll be able to articulate myself better.

We live in interesting times.

I wish Sarah Palin a swift trip back to Wasilla.
Fu** you Sean Hannity.
To all the Republican fear monger chumps….you lose.
To all the conspiracy theorists, give your cynicism a rest for at least a DAY to bask in this moment. Because this is a true victory.

Everyone else, congrats.
We deserve this win and it feels golden. Feels unreal.

I’m inspired to do more and I hope you are too.

Amazing times.

Sage Francis Backs Obama, But Not The ‘One-Party-System’

Sage Francis updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@sagefrancis) on Tuesday (November 4). The Providence, Rhode Island based hip hop artist tells readers:

I’m off to cast my vote.

No matter who wins this election, there’s a lot of work to do on all of our parts.

I’m voting for Obama because I see great potential for positive change under his leadership. Some people are upset with my decision, but I’ve followed this election closely and I stand proudly by my decision.

I’m not a staunch Democrat. Or Democran. Or Republicrat. I do believe the one-party-system needs to be dissolved, and I think there are great chances of that happening in upcoming elections.

On The Tour Bus With Murs

Murs tour bus
Footage of Murs on the road as he and fellow Paid Dues tourmates travel from town to town has been posted at the hip hop artist’s YouTube channel. Murs was on a tour bus, introduced his tourmates Sage Francis, Brother Ali, Blueprint and Blueprint, and talked about recording these webisodes, his belief DJ Quik is better than Big Daddy Kane and Rev Run is better than DMC, and more. Watch it below.