Scarface Comments On Ground Zero Mosque Controversy


Scarface is weighing in on the Ground Zero mosque controversy tonight. The rapper told his Twitter followers (@BrotherMob):

We don’t blame Christians for slavery and say don’t build here or tell the Jews don’t you murked Christ no synagogue here it’s not religion

It’s the people, religion is only as good or bad as the people who believe in it, trust me Islam is not the enemy
Look at Fox News this is crazy

Thanks to Russell Simmons for stepping up to the plate too

Scarface ‘Dopeman Music’ Mixtape EPK


Scarface’s ‘Dopeman Music’ hit digital stores last week with a bang. The album, Scarface’s 12th full-length release, features 14 new tracks from the godfather of the South. An electronic press kit features the rapper talking about finally dropping a mixtape, feeling he needs to move to another stage in how he delivers his music being considered a legend in the game, his love of music, how music was all he ever knew growing up with family members in bands, and whether the internet has helped or hurt his music career. Watch the EPK below the cut. (more…)

Scarface ‘Can’t Get Right’ Video Ft. Bilal

Scarface 'Can't Get Right' music video

Scarface is out with the video to his new single ‘Can’t Get Right’, featuring Bilal, off the Houston, Texas rapper’s ninth studio album ‘Emeritus’, out now on Rap-A-Lot Records/Asylum Records. Watch it below.

Scarface Looks To Broaden Himself Musically

Slim of 112 and Scarface discussed the end of Scarface as an artist in a video clip at Asylum Records’ YouTube channel. “Face is dead,” the rapper said. Asked what made him make that decision, he responded, “You know, being trapped, and wanting to make a wider – wanted to broaden my horizon you know. I grew up in a band, I can play everything. My contribution to trying to stay in music is this [fingers barely apart]. As much as I’m in the music industry, it would be wrong to stay and not to bring it back.” Watch their comments below.

Scarface And 112’s Slim Talk About Their Favorite Musicians

Scarface and Slim
Scarface and Slim of 112 discuss their favorite musicians, citing John Legend, Christina Aguilera, Marvin Gaye, Alicia Keys, and Usher. “That’s a freak of nature right there,” Slim said of Aguilera. Scarface added, “Christina Aguilera is by far, one of the best female vocal performers I have ever seen in my life. I seen her on the CNN thing [‘Tribute to Heroes’]. It don’t make no sense for a girl to blow like this. She got some fu**in pipes. She got some fu**in 3 1/2″ pipes that cut off at the axle.” Watch the clip via YouTube below.

Scarface: There’s Too Many Rappers

Scarface spoke with about changes in music from his era to now, changes he isn’t happy with. “I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s fu**in’ 20 million rappers and a million consumers,” Scarface explained. “It’s like dope now. You got more motherfu**ers selling than using.” The comments at YouTube have since been removed.

Scarface ‘High Powered’ Ft. Papa Reu

Scarface 'High Powered' music video

Scarface is out with the video to his new single ‘High Powered’, featuring Papa Reu, the first release off the Houston, Texas rapper’s ninth and final album ‘Emeritus’, due out December 2nd on Rap-A-Lot Records. Watch it via YouTube below.

Scarface On Music And Impact Of A Potential Obama Win

Scarface 2008
Scarface shared his thoughts on politics and music in video clips over at Asylum Records’ YouTube channel. “Hip hop is gonna be so fu**ing small if we get a black president,” Scarface said. “You gotta think of what the impact would be on our grandparents that lived to see it that was forced to drink out of the black only water fountain. The impact that it’s gonna have on the older people that really had to go through that sh**. Ridin’ in the back of the bus an having to go into the restaurant from the back door and sh**. The impact that it has on hip hop isn’t going to be nearly as devastating as the impact that would be on the older people that would be that far away from slavery.” Scarface then did a “my friends” impersonation of Barack Obama’s Republican rival John McCain. Watch the clips below.

Scarface ‘I’m A’ Video

Scarface is out with the video to his new single ‘I’m A’, from the album ‘The Product-One Hunnid’, out Tuesday (February 21). Watch it below.

Chino XL And Scarface Star In New Movie reports Chino XL will star in a new film with fellow rapper Scarface entitled ‘Consequences’, and he also recently appeared on CBS’ soap opera, ‘The Young and The Restless’. Chino said, “It’s interesting to have the young security on the CBS lot recognize me as Chino XL the rapper and the older security dudes recognize me as Chino XL, the problem.”