Skillz Discusses ‘2010 Rap Up’

Skillz '2010 Rap Up'

Skillz has dropped his ‘2010 Rap Up’ single, continuing his yearly tradition. This time, the song isn’t free. “The ‘2010 Rap Up’ this year came from the fans, the public really,” Skillz said. “I hadn’t planned on doing the song. I just wasn’t feelin’ the idea of it anymore, not even knowing that some people feel this is tradition or they wait for it.” He said after getting messages on Twitter and New Year’s passing without it coming, some started messaging him that they would have bought it if he put it on iTunes. The chance that half his 20,000 followers would buy a copy then convinced him to write the rap up. Watch Skillz talking about the tradition in a YouTube clip below. Buy it at iTunes.

Skillz ‘Call Me Crazy’ Video

Skillz is out with the music video to his new single ‘Call Me Crazy’, off the Detroit, Michigan rapper’s fourth album ‘The World Needs More Skillz’, in stores on Big Kidz Entertainment/Entertainment One on October 12th. Watch it via YouTube below.

Hip Hop Confessions Ft. Skillz, DJ Rick Geez & B!NK

Hip Hop Confessions features Skillz sitting down with DJ Rick Geez – tour DJ for Clipse, and B!NK. Skillz admitted he’s never bought or listened to an entire Outkast album, while B!NK said he never bought a Tupac Shakur album until after he died, and Geez confessed he only recently learned Shock G and Humpty Hump was the same person. Watch the episode via YouTube below.

Skillz ‘(For Real) He Don’t Own Me’ Video

Skillz '(For Real) He Don't Own Me' music video
Skillz is out with the video to his new single ‘(For Real) He Don’t Own Me’, off the Richmond, Virginia rapper’s third studio album ‘The Million Dollar Backpack’, out now on Big Kidz Entertainment/Koch Records. Watch the Rik Cordero directed video via YouTube below.

Skillz ‘For Real’ Video Making Of

Skillz is out with behind the scenes footage from the set of his ‘(For Real) He Don’t Own Me’ music video, directed by Rik Cordero. The Richmond, Virginia based rapper said of Rik: “I finally got to work with a director that I admire. I’ve watched all his work. There’s not a video that I haven’t seen… I’ve been a fan of his work for awhile. I’ve been trying to hit him up.” ‘For Real’ is off Skillz’ third studio album ‘The Million Dollar Backpack’, out now on Big Kidz Entertainment/Koch Records. Watch the footage below.

Skillz Predicts A Future Where All Music Will Be Free

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In an exclusive interview with Virginia MC and “Rap Up” man Skillz not only spoke about his upcoming album, Million Dollar Backpack, but he also revealed that he feels all music will be free in the very near future and proposed some other ways for artists to make their money once that happens. Check out the full interview at

Mad Skillz ’07 Rap Up’ Behind The Scenes Video

Mad Skillz '07 Rap Up' video shoot behind the scenes

A making of clip for the Mad Skillz ’07 Rap Up’ video has been posted online. The video is set to premiere on New Year’s Day. The rapper discussed the annual song release, how its getting a video for the first time this year, and the buzz it has generated. Watch it via YouTube below.

Skillz Sounds Off On The Music Industry caught up with Skillz for a Q&A, where the rapper sounded off on “the music, the industry, everything about it.” Skillz moaned, “Eighty percent of music just sucks. The music is so bad and it seems like it’s getting worse. And when you don’t think there’s a song that can be dumber than the last song, you’re proven wrong.” Asked where he points the finger at, Skillz responded, “I think there’s a real problem with microwave artists. A lot of these artists have a shelf life of six months to a year, tops. Then you never hear from these dudes again. I mean, that’s a good thing, but then again, that’s bad. I feel bad for certain artists who’ve been struggling for a long time. There’s no more artist development.” Read more.