Snoop Dogg Get Wet Tour Lowell Highlights

Snoop Dogg posted highlights from his Get Wet Tour stop in Lowell, MA on January 28th at Tsongas Arena. The rapper is first seen posing with a couple female fans before hitting the stage, where he performed ‘Sensual Seduction’ and interacted with the crowd. The video ends with Snoop heading to his dressing room. Watch it via YouTube below.

Snoop Dogg Gets A Kick Out Of Bishop’s Outfit

Snoop Dogg videotaped some footage where he was hanging out with the Bishop Don “Magic” Juan in Las Vegas. “You thought Starburst and Skittles had all the flavor,” Snoop said after pointing out Bishop’s colorful outfit. “You ain’t seen nothin’ like that in a bag of Skittles.” Watch it via YouTube below.

Snoop Dogg Congratulates New Hall Of Famer Deion Sanders

Snoop Dogg offered some words for Deion Sanders being named into the NFL Hall of Fame at the 9th Annual Snoop Bowl. “I’m so honored to be here right now with my main man, Deion Sanders,” the rapper said as the former cornerback looked on with his family. Watch the clip via YouTube below.

Snoop Dogg ‘Gangbang Rookie’ Video Ft. Pilot

Snoop Dogg is out with the music video to his new single ‘Gangbang Rookie’, featuring Pilot, off the veteran rapper’s upcoming album ‘Doggumentary’, in stores March 29th on EMI/Capitol. Watch via YouTube below.

Snoop Dogg Offers Super Bowl Cooking Ideas

Now that Super Bowl week has officially started, think you know how to throw the best Super Bowl party? Snoop Dogg wants to show you how to make some real football food like you’ve never tasted before, from Snoopified dips to the best bowl of chips, chased down with Pepsi MAX. Watch the ‘Cooking with Snoop’ video via YouTube below.

Snoop Dogg & Pilot On The Set of ‘Gangbang Rookie’

Check out Snoop Dogg featuring the newest member of DPG, Pilot from Long Beach, on the set of their latest video for ‘Gangbang Rookie’. The song is off Snoop’s new album ‘Doggumentary’, out March 29th. The clip features commentary from the video’s director Pook Brown.

Snoop Dogg Sends Out An APB For Lady Gaga

Snoop Dogg sent a message to Lady Gaga to collaborate on a record together. “Attention, this is an APB out for Lady Gaga, big Snoop Dogg is lookin for you, trying to do a song with you,” the rapper says. “It’s a real nice freaky deaky kind of song. Get at me.” Watch the message via YouTube below.

Snoop Dogg Performs At Twitter HQ

Snoop Dogg took a trip to the Twitter Headquarters for #PuffPuffPassTuesdays to give them an exclusive preview of his upcoming album ‘Doggumentary’, available March 29th. The rapper’s crew even lit up what appeared to be marijuana inside their offices, an action that no doubt would have led to termination for any of the employees watching the show. Watch it via YouTube below.