The Wash Premiere Pictures has photos of the premiere of The Wash in Hollywood last night. Attending the show were Snoop Dogg and his wife Shanta, Dr. Dre and his wife Nicole Young, Xzibit, Magic Johnson, and others. Check out the photos here.

Pam Grier Says Snoop Dogg Is ‘An Excellent Kisser’

Cindy Pearlman of The Chicago Sun Times talked to ‘Bones’ star Pam Grier about working with Snoop Dogg on the film. Pam said, “Snoop told me that actors get up way too early for him and that he is usually going to bed when we got up.” Despite that, Snoop was very professional on the set and did most of his own stunts, including the love scenes. Grier noted, “He’s an excellent kisser. He has great lips.”

Snoop Signs With MCA

Snoop Dogg signed a recording contract with MCA Records, the company announced yesterday. The deal also includes Snoop’s record label Doggy Style Records, which has Kokane, La Toiya Williams, Soopafly and E-White under contract. Snoop released a statement saying, “This partnership joins the highest caliber of creative talent and business ability. Doggy Style will change the face of urban music- we’re ready to unleash the best artists I know with MCA. Doggy Style music will blow your mind.”

Snoop Pleas Not Guilty On Pot Charges

Snoop Dogg (Calvin Broadus) appeared in court to plead innocent on marijuana possession charges in Ohio. Defense attorney Jay Milano said of his client, “Sometimes Snoop Dogg’s buses have been stopped just because it’s Snoop Dogg’s bus. We’re not sure that happened here but if it did, then that’s an issue that we’d have to fight out.” A pretrial hearing is scheduled for Dec. 11. Milano said he didn’t think Snoop Dogg would be present.

Mississippi Snoop Show Canceled

Snoop Dogg’s planned concert in Southaven, Mississippi was cancelled after not only poor ticket sales, but a threatened boycott of the DeSoto County Civic Center if the Sunday concert were to have gone on. About 350 people signed a petition to block the performance.

‘Bones’ Is ‘Classier And Smarter Than You’d Expect’

Chris Hewitt of the Miami Herald was impressed with the Snoop Dogg film ‘Bones’, though said the blood used in the film was way too thick. Hewitt says, “Director Ernest Dickerson uses elegant visuals, suspenseful editing and lighting to give Bones its edge.” The full review at has since been removed.

Knight Ridder’s Glenn Lovell Slams Snoop’s Bones

New to the movie theaters Bones got a chilly review from Knight Ridder’s Glenn Lovell as he gave the Snoop Dogg starring flick 1 1/2 stars saying encouraging words though on the rapper’s performance, “Despite a fun performance by rapper Snoop Dogg, who obviously relished playing the badmutha from beyond the grave, this pre-Halloween chiller would be hard-set to frighten a nervous pussycat.”

Doggy Style Music Releases Unusual Press Release

Perhaps one of the stranger press releases you’ll see was the one put out last night by Doggy Style Music, who reassured a potential concert crowd that Snoop is not in jail and the tour goes on.

Doggy Style Music stated Friday, “While traveling through Cleveland, Ohio, en route to Detroit to perform as part of his current Puff Puff Pass tour, Snoop Dogg’s tour bus was stopped on the Ohio turnpike for speeding. Upon being stopped, the bus was searched and marijuana was found. Snoop Dogg and crew were detained on the turnpike for 2 hours. The driver was issued a speeding ticket and Snoop was ticketed for possession of marijuana; this was just a misdemeanor. No one was arrested. The bus went on and Snoop Dogg arrived in Detroit on time to perform.”

Ohio Has Easy Pot Possesion Laws… Lucky for Snoop

Snoop Dogg was and charged with possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia on Wednesday after his two tour busses were pulled over for speeding on Interstate 90 in Amherst, Ohio. The misdemeanor charge of possession only carries a maximum penalty of a $100 fine, while of drug paraphernalia carries a $250 one plus 30 days in jail. Not bad considering Snoop was carrying 200 grams of dope on the bus.

Snoop’s Porno on Morpheus

Just checked out the porno from Snoop Dogg called Doggystyle, and make no mistake about it, it is full blown hardcore porn. The clip widely available is 14 mins, 12 seconds which isn’t the entire video but enough to give you a good idea.

The Larry Flynnt produced flick features a fully clothed Snoop at the beginning rapping with his posse, some who were engaged in oral sex acts with females, with other females performing oral sex on each other. You can check out the clip by downloading Morpheus, though it is a rather large file just over 144 MB.