Snoop Dogg Takes Over TV

Snoop Dogg takes over prime time TV in his latest YouTube video, featuring the rapper inserted into ’24’, ‘Jeopardy’, ‘Wheel of Fortune’, ‘The Biggest Loser’, ‘Dancing with the Stars’, ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘The Price is Right’. Watch the comedy clip below.

Snoop Dogg Gives Justin Bieber A Shout Out

Snoop Dogg gave a shout out to Justin Bieber in a new YouTube video. “Shout out to my lil homeboy Justin Bieber. Get at me Justin. Get your people to follow me man so I can turn you on to something real grown and sexy. Holla at your uncle Snoop Dogg,” the rapper said. Watch the brief message below.

Snoop Dogg Trying To Get Dr. Dre To Get ‘Detox’ Out

Snoop Dogg called in to talk with Hot 97’s Funk Flex to talk about ‘Detox’, Nipsey Hustle and more. “I actually was in the studio with Dre when he cut the ‘Detox’ record, so that was the main thing,” Snoop said about working with the N.W.A. member. “He can get back out and give the people what they’ve been working on. My goal was to try and get him to get that record out because I’m tired of waiting like everyone else.” Listen to the interview via YouTube below.


Snoop Dogg Meets Manchester United Captain Rio Ferdinand

Footage of Snoop Dogg meeting Manchester United Captain Rio Ferdinand has been posted online. The pair shook hands before getting an explainer about making an appearance together at a community project at Salford’s Ordsall Community Centre. Snoop helped teenagers who had volunteered to paint the building’s wall and played a brief game of soccer. Watch the encounter via YouTube below.

Snoop Dogg Talks To His Fans In His Kansas City Hotel Room

Snoop Dogg invited fans to his hotel room in Kansas City to thank them, posting footage of the encounter on his YouTube channel. “This is why I set this up,” Snoop said to the fans. “I wanted to get a chance to know the people who love me and appreciate me for what I do. At my concerts, I can’t really get a chance to touch you all and meet you all, because I’m trying to get to the next town, so many different fans, family members and what not, so I just wanted to make a way to meet the people who really love me and made me who I am and I wanted to touch you all, meet you all.” Watch the video via YouTube below.

Snoop Dogg Weighs In On Prince Tribute

Snoop Dogg caught the Prince tribute at the BET awards while in London with Tim Westwood of Radio 1. Snoop was surprised to see Alicia Keys climbing on the piano during the show because “she pregnant… Calm her down Swizz, she’s too excited.” Snoop then asked to turn the volume up to hear Patti LaBelle’s performance. “You gotta be there to really understand what they’re going through right now,” Snoop said after Patti’s tribute. “I could tell there was a moment. You got greats performing other greats songs in a dedication or tribute to them before they receive a lifetime achievement award.”

Snoop Dogg Backstage At London’s Wireless Festival

Snoop Dogg at Wireless

Barclaycard Unwind caught up with Snoop Dogg backstage at the Wireless Festival in London, England over the weekend. The veteran rapper, who recently won the right to visit the UK after he and his bodyguards were involved in a scuffle at London’s Heathrow airport, discussed the great weather, plans while in London, the World Cup and why guys like the sport more than girls, and his new album ‘Malice N Wonderland’. Watch the brief chat below the cut. (more…)

Snoop Dogg ‘That Tree’ Video Ft. Kid Cudi

Snoop Dogg 'That Tree' ft. Kid Cudi music video

Snoop Dogg is out with the video to his new single ‘That Tree’, featuring Kid Cudi, off the Long Beach, California rapper’s tenth studio album ‘Malice n Wonderland’, out now on Doggystyle Records. Watch it via YouTube below.

Snoop Dogg 'That Tree' artwork

Snoop Dogg Wins Right To Reapply For UK Visa

Snoop Dogg is one step closer to ending his three year battle against Britain’s immigration authorities after two immigration judges said the UK Border Agency was wrong to deny the hip-hop star entry into the country. Snoop now will be able to reapply for a UK visa, though there’s no guarantees it will get approved. A report from ITN has since been removed at YouTube.