Soulja Boy Apologizes For “Fu** The Army Troops” Lyrics

Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy checked in with his Twitter followers (@souljaboy) moments ago, apologizing for his lyrics in his new single ‘Let’s Be Real’, where the 21-year-old raps “Fu** the FBI and the army troops … fighting for what? Be your own man” Soulja Boy also posted an apology letter at Global Grind. Soulja Boy Tweets:

Deeply apologetic. But the violence must stop. We could have taken the funds spent on war and put them into education.

There are people in this country who know the truth behind these wars. I would never disrespect America. Come on my name is Soulja Boy.

I respect the US and the soldiers. I don’t respect innocent lives being taken. I love you all. very deeply sorry of those who took offense.

I’m sorry I didn’t know my music was listened to by so many ears I didn’t mean any disrespect. Some people just mess with me. Y’all know it.

Some people just mess with me because it’s me. Y’all know that for a fact. They know I love America they just doing this because it’s me. Whatever.

Somebody gotta stand up and say something! I HAVE FAMILY IN THE ARMY :(

Soulja Boy Promises To Pull Out His Penis During Next Concert

Soulja Boy checked in with his Twitter followers (@souljaboy) earlier this evening, promising fans he’ll pull out his penis during his next concert, which is scheduled to be at the Los Angeles Sports Arena on Saturday (August 20). The 21-year-old rapper writes:

My mind is made up don’t try and stop me. My next concert I’m definitely pulling out my dick on stage. So get them cameras ready

Biggest dick in the rap game ya feel me? This Saturday we’re gonna see what’s up. The boxers are coming off live on stage nigga. I control the media.

The next news headline will be “Soulja Boy pulls dick out on stage, hundreds amongst thousands of girls have orgasms simultaneously.”

Man that thing is huge!!!!!!!

Just call it the SouljaConda!

This.. right here.. is my… dick.

Sometimes I throw the SouljaConda over my shoulder and jog around.

Soulja Boy 21st Birthday Party At Club Play South Beach

Soulja Boy rolls up his sleeves during his birthday party at Club Play South Beach

Soulja Boy celebrated his 21st birthday in style on Friday (July 29) at Club Play South Beach. Guests such as Sean Kingston, Trina, Trae The Truth, Just Blaze, Gunplay, Torch, DJ E-Feezy, Pinky, Cubana Lust, Myko and more came out to attend his birthday, which took place the prior day.

The rapper told his Twitter followers (@SouljaBoy) after the bash:

My birthday party was the best experience ever shoutout to @trinarockatarr for coming and my bro @Seankingston much love to everybody

Check out more pictures from the celebration courtesy Club Play below the cut. (more…)

Soulja Boy Channels Right Said Fred In “I’m Too Sexy” Tweets

Soulja Boy inked in the bathroom

Soulja Boy was feeling himself on Twitter earlier this week, claiming to be the sexiest rapper in the game and sounding like Right Said Fred in the process. The 20-year-old told followers (@souljaboy):

I’m the sexiest rapper to ever get a record deal

Niggaz is spittin writtens everytime, lets really freestyle bra. I’m the nicest hands down.

I look like Goku mixed with Brad Pitt

I’m the reason this twitter sh** jump nigga, I made this internet sh** nigga

I’m the finest rapper alive nigga, I’m the sexiest rapper alive nigga

Take a moment. Look at you. Just look at you. See what I mean? Nigga I’m the beginning and the end. DON’T MAKE ME TWITPIC

I’m on my Soulja Boy sh** in 2011 I’m the best prettiest sexiest richest nigga you ever seen I’m the best there’s ever been immaculate

Let’s just all be honest I’m too sexy, what else is new tho?

If my money was equivalent to my looks, I would give every one in the world 100,000$ … yeah.. It’s that’s good.

Me and my girl friend over here arguing over who looks the best.. it’s me course. What else is new tho?

Man it don’t even matter what I tweet no more. Every body know I’m sexy at this point

I think I need to get on ustream, But I’m a boss I don’t have to prove sh** to nobody let that be a known fact, what else is new tho?

To be honest, I look exactly like Orlando Bloom and Otto from Rocket Power.

I look just like Dwayne Johnson that’s on everything I’m the rock in his prime IF YA SMELLLLLLL ELL ELLLL WHAT SOULJA BOY IS COOKING?

look how swagged up I am bra, I’m just tweeting and this nigga mad at me cuz I’m the sexiest rapper in the game. What else is new tho?

At this point I’m too sexy to walk I need someone to carry my swag right now

conceited is an understatement. I’m the finest nigga to ever live

Soulja Boy Webster Hall Concert Highlights

Soulja Boy performed live at Webster Hall in New York City on Thursday night (December 2) to celebrate the release of his new album ‘The DeAndre Way’. followed the rapper behind the scenes and on stage to perform some of his hits such as ‘Mean Mug’, ‘Pretty Boy Swag’, and ‘Turn My Swag On’. The S.O.D. Money Gang boss also talked about his new album and 50 Cent and showed off his swag. Watch the highlight reel via YouTube below.

Soulja Boy ‘Speakers Going Hammer’ Video

Soulja Boy 'Speakers Going Hammer' music video

Soulja Boy is out with the music video to his new single ‘Speakers Going Hammer’, the third release from the Atlanta rapper’s latest album ‘The DeAndre Way’, out now on Interscope. Watch it via Vevo below.

Soulja Boy 'Speakers Going Hammer' cover art

Soulja Boy Interview & Performance With WSJ

Soulja Boy talked to the Wall Street Journal’s Lee Hawkins as part of “WSJ Weekend Conversations.” The 20-year-old rapper discussed his rise thanks to YouTube and MySpace, teaming up with SayNow, getting criticized for skipping school and being a bad influence, how the south has taken over hip hop of late, getting scrutiny online and offline after finding success, getting advice from 50 Cent, his internet marketing strategy for his forthcoming single ‘Speakers Going Hammer’, and more. The rapper also performed the single for a crowd of fans. Watch it via below.

Soulja Boy: Internet Gossip Can Get Scary

Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy recently spoke with MTV News about how he deals with rumors on the internet and being under the media spotlight, especially in wake of the recent video from hip hop groupie Kat Stacks who videotaped herself inside of a hotel room she alleges was the rapper’s. “To be honest with you, sometimes when you sit and think about it, it can get scary,” Soulja Boy admitted. “You know what I mean? It’s like the media can create a lie and sway, like, 80 percent of the general population to believe it. And there’s really not anything I can do about it but deny it and denounce it — but when you got them pushing forward and just steady trying to embed in people’s heads, there’s nothing you can do about it.” Watch the comments via below the cut. (more…)

Soulja Boy ‘Blowing Me Kisses’ Video

Soulja Boy Tell’em is out with the music video to his new single ‘Blowing Me Kisses’, featuring Bei Maejor, off the American rapper’s latest album ‘The DeAndre Way’, out November 16th on Stacks on Deck/Interscope. Watch it via YouTube below.

Soulja Boy ‘Mean Mug’ Video Ft. 50 Cent

Soulja Boy is out with an unofficial music video to his new single ‘Mean Mug’, featuring 50 Cent, off the American rapper’s upcoming album ‘The DeAndre Way’, out November 2nd via Stacks on Deck/Interscope. Watch it via YouTube below.
Official Music Video coming soon