Baby Bash Recording With South Park Mexican… In Prison

Baby Bash

Baby Bash checked in with his Facebook followers, talking about recording with jailed rapper South Park Mexican, who has been serving a 45 year prison sentence on aggravated sexual assault of a then 9-year-old child. Bash writes:

on my way to do another song wit SPM for the PLAYAMADE MEXICANZ album! we have so many new verses from him!locked down or not his voice will b heard! spread the LOVE and pray for the TORNADO victims and families! COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS!

Family Sues South Park Mexican Over Molestation

Jo Ann Zuniga of the Houston Chronicle reports 10-year-old girl and her family filed a civil lawsuit today seeking unspecified monetary damages against Carlos Coy (aka South Park Mexican), who sentenced to 45 years in prison for molesting her. The suit, filed anonymously states that the child was sexually assaulted by Coy while she was staying overnight at his southeast Houston home over Labor Day weekend. Coy’s defense lawyer Chip Lewis, when notified of the lawsuit Wednesday, said, “I think the motivation behind this case was and always has been about the money.”

South Park Monster

John Nova Lomax of the Houston Press put together a great account of the life of Carlos Coy aka South Park Mexican. Lomax writes, “Fans saw Carlos Coy as the invincible rapper, the gangsta who could become an icon for outcast Hispanics everywhere. But they didn’t know his weakness — young girls did.”

South Park Mexican Gets 45 Year Prison Sentence

A jury handed down a prison sentence of 45 years for Houston rapper Carlos Coy (aka South Park Mexican) Thursday morning. Judge Mark Kent Ellis read him his sentence and said, “Mr. Coy I have spent 17 years in this courthouse, and in that time I have seen more sex offenders than I wish to remember, but one thing that I have found over (time) is that sex offenders have one trait in common, and that is that they all are liars — and you are no exception to that rule.”

The entire story at has since been removed.

South Park Mexican Takes Stand In Conviction Hearing

Rapper Carlos Coy, aka South Park Mexican, went against his lawyer’s advice and took the stand in his own defense at his conviction hearing Tuesday in Houston. When prosecutors quizzed the rapper on whether he contends the girls are coming into court and committing perjury and lying about going to motels with him and having sex, Coy responded, “These girls are luring me. One of them and their mother were known as ‘Lady and the Tramp.'”

Convicted Rapper Draws Supporters

About a dozen picketers supporting rapper Carlos ‘South Park Mexican’ Coy gathered Thursday afternoon in front of the downtown Criminal Justice Center, where Coy’s sexual assault trial is in the sentencing phase. Coy’s sister Sylvia Coy organized the event, and said he has been falsely depicted as a child molester. “I guarantee you that by next week there will be a civil suit, and it will be for money,” she said. “It’s all about money.”

Officer Tells Of 8 Assault Complaints Against Rapper

Officer Heidi Ruiz of the Houston Police Department’s sex crimes division was the first witness called by the prosecution during the punishment phase of Carlos ‘South Park Mexican’ Coy’s trial. He was convicted Saturday on one charge of sexually assaulting a 9-year-old girl.

Bail Denied For Carlos Coy

Houston Chronicle reports rap musician Carlos Coy, charged with seven counts of sexual assault of a 14-year-old girl, was denied bail Monday by a judge who said evidence presented at a hearing “substantially shows guilt.”

South Park Mexican Arrested On Sex Charges

The Houston Chronicle reports Rap star Carlos Coy, known professionally as South Park Mexican, free on bond on two charges of sexually abusing young girls, has been arrested on three counts of sexual assault of two 14-year-old girls. Coy’s attorney, Chip Lewis, denied the charges, “All of these, we will prove they are untrue.”