Spose Frees Himself From Universal Message Control


NECN caught up with Maine rapper Spose about getting signed by Universal Republic Records after the success of ‘I’m Awesome’, only to become disillusioned by the control he felt under, being signed to a major label. “In leaving Universal, I felt such a liberation and hope; whereas when I was there, I felt like I was losing control of this thing I had created,” said the 26-year-old, whose off-stage name is Ryan Peters. “The desire to do good writing and storytelling is kind of what drives me.” The report from Amy Sinclair at NECN.com has since been removed.

Spose Sets April 17th Release Date For ‘The Audacity!’


Spose and Preposterously Dank Entertainment announced that the Maine-based rapper’s third album ‘The Audacity!’ will be released April 17th. The album – a cohesive collection of new songs written and produced by Spose himself – is the first album of all new material since Spose’s 2010 single, ‘I’m Awesome’ (Universal/Republic) was certified “gold,” selling over 800,000 copies. Last week marked the release of the official video for ‘Pop Song’, which you can watch via YouTube below.

‘The Audacity!’ contains eleven brand-new songs written and recorded at a birch bark desk in the Maine woods throughout 2011 and mixed by Jon Wyman in February 2012 at The Halo in rustic Windham, Maine. ‘The Audacity!’ will serve as Spose’s first official release since parting ways with Universal/Republic Records in 2011 after the successful single campaign for ‘I’m Awesome’. To celebrate his independence and musical freedom, Spose has decided to liberate the video for his “f**k you” song to Universal/Republic, ‘Pop Song’. The video was filmed in Los Angeles and directed by ‘I’m Awesome’ director Lucas Heyne.

Catch Spose out on the road this summer supporting ‘The Audacity!’ with a DJ as well as a 4-piece band. In the meantime, Spose will celebrate the release in his home state with a pair of CD release shows in Portland, Maine at Empire on April 20th. There will be an early show (5 pm doors) for all ages and a late show (9 pm doors) for the 21+ crowd. The event, dubbed “An Evening with Spose and friends,” will feature Spose performing much of his catalog backed by the 7-piece band Sly Chi and a revolving door of special guests including Educated Advocates, Cam Groves, Spencer Albee, and many more.

Spose Celebrates End Of NBA Lockout


Spose checked in with his Twitter followers (@spizzyspose) on Saturday (November 26) after learning the NBA lockout had come to an end with the players and owners reaching a deal to start the season on Christmas Day. The Wells, Maine rapper and Boston Celtics fan writes:

NBA is back! Ahhhh! It’s Christmas!

I would like to thank Jesus, Santa, and Rajon Rondo for this miraculous victory!! I finally don’t have to watch another hockey game!!

Lemme throw out some preseason hatred toward the players all @celtics fans should despise:

Fu** D-Wade for that cheap sh** he did to Rondo last year in the playoffs, nearly broke his arm, fu** you D-Wade!

Fu** Lebron for his arrogant existence and ringless fingers

Fu** Kobe, Derrick Fisher, and whoever else is still on the Lakers for being on the Lakers!

Fu** Joakim Noah for being a yeti with a vagina for a face that’s always crying

Fu** Amare Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony and all present and former members of the New York Knicks (and the Jets and Yankees)

Spose’s Rap Recommendations


Spose checked in with his Faceobok followers, offering advice on some of his more well-known peers if they weren’t fans. The Maine hip hop artist writes:

If anybody doesn’t like Lil’ Wayne, go listen to the Tha Carter II. classic.

If anybody doesn’t like Jay-Z, go listen to Reasonable Doubt. way more classic.

If anybody doesn’t like Ghostface Killah, go listen to Supreme Clientele. (is there anybody who doesn’t like Ghostface tho?!?!)

Spose Releasing ‘Happy Medium’ Project Before ‘The Audacity!’ Album Drops


Spose checked in with fans on his Facebook on Monday (October 25), talking about his new album and releasing some material before ‘The Audacity!’ comes out early next year. The Maine rapper writes:

I finished my album “The Audacity!” months ago and it’s in Universal Republic’s hands and will be out in early 2011. The lead single will most likely be “Party Foul.”

In the meantime, I’ve been recording relentlessly. And I’ve got 10 more brand new original new songs that I’m ready to release for free online.

It seems unfair to me to release these new original songs that I’ve worked so hard to create under the title of a mixtape, let alone a “Vol. 2”

So I’m going to release them as “Happy Medium” – a project, rather than a mixtape, of entirely new original sh**, fo free, on the internet.

And then, in a few weeks (or whenever we finish it), DJ Jon and I will release “We Smoked It All Vol. 2” which will contain a sh**load of more new music but also contain some mashups/etc.

That said, I’m not ready to release “Happy Medium” today. We still have 3 songs to finish mixing. But I am prepared to release a few more tracks to get you ready for it’s release next week.