Sticky Fingaz ‘A Day In The Life’ Trailer

The trailer to the Lion’s Gate film ‘A Day In The Life’, written by, directed by and starring Sticky Fingaz, has been posted online. Other cast members include Omar Epps, Mekhi Phifer, Michael Rapaport, Ray J, Clarence Williams III, Malinda Williams, Fredro Starr, Faizon Love, and Michael K. Williams. Sticky Fingaz describes the film as ‘Godfather Meets Romeo & Juliet’. When asked why he decided against straight dialogue, he explained, “I’m an artist and I create music and at the same time, I’m an actor so it made sense to try something innovative and merge the two together. We’ll be doing the same with Onyx’s ‘Black Rock’ album, merging hip-hop and rock. It’s a way of tapping into both sides of myself.” The film is set to hit theaters in early 2009. Watch the trailer below.

Fabolous 30th Birthday Party was on hand for Fabolous 30th Birthday Party, hosted by Ali Kohzad, at Azza on Tuesday (November 20). Fab, The Game, Lyfe Jennings, Vida Guerra and Sticky Fingaz gave a shout out. Fab talked about the awards, his latest album ‘From Nothin’ to Somethin” and tour plans, while Game talked about work on a new album, words for Kanye West, and no words for 50 Cent. YouTube has since removed the video. Check out pictures from GettyImages.

Sticky Fingaz Q&A caught up with Kirk ‘Sticky Fingaz’ Jones about being Blade in the new series from Spike TV, and also asked when we can expect to see new music from Onyx. “There is a new Onyx album coming out the end of this year,” he revealed. “The name of the new album is called ‘The Black Rock’. That will be on [Jones’ new company] Major Independents as well.” Read more.

Sticky Fingaz Featured In Spike TV Series ‘Blade’

Former Onyx member Sticky Fingaz in the television series based on Marvel Super Hero ‘Blade’ after getting green-lit from Spike TV. The network has ordered 11 one-hour episodes, in addition to the previously announced two-hour kick-off episode, to be produced by New Line Television, set to commence production in Vancouver this spring. ‘Blade’ premieres in June 2006.

Sticky Fingaz Arrested

Sticky Fingaz

The New York Daily News reports former Onyx member Sticky Fingaz was nabbed Tuesday after checking out of a posh Manhattan hotel and leaving a loaded pistol behind, police said.

The Courvoisier & Run Athletics Lounge

3LW and Sticky Fingaz were on hand for The Courvoisier & Run Athletics Lounge Hosted by Russell Simmons, Brett Ratner and Andre Harrell on June 27th at W Hotel in Westwood, California. Check out pictures from WireImage.

Sticky Fingaz Says His Future Is In Acting

Sticky Fingaz

Sticky Fingaz is featured in Entertainment Weekly’s ‘It List’. The rapper actor was asked what he plans on primarily doing in the future. “I think acting might last longer because I can’t be 50 years old, on stage rapping, diving in the crowd, and having people slam-dance,” he explained. And if he could do neither, Sticky says he’d be “some George Clooney con-man type sh** [apparently a reference to ‘Oceans Eleven’. I always wanted to rob a bank, too.”

Sticky Fingaz Indie Deal Gives Him Big Royalties

Sticky Fingaz caught up with Sticky Fingaz and asked the former Onyx frontman what happened with his Def Jam deal. “When we started getting into the business side of things. When I signed my first contract I was 15 and a 1/2. n**gas had a double platinum album and I’m 16 in Japan,” Sticky explained. “I didn’t really give a f*ck about business. As long as I had money to buy clothes, weed and liquor it was all good. But as n**gas got older we had more responsibilities. Then you start questioning. What the f*ck am I doing? n**gas wanted to eat off the fruits of their own labor. Its either you let n**gas keep pimping you or you put your foot down and do something. That’s the right step. Right now we are getting seven dollars for every record sold. That’s a big chance because we on an independent label. For a new artist it’s hard to be on an an independent label because you only got so much money for marketing. But if your group is established like we are it works to your benefit.”

Guttenberg Not Worried About Smoking Dope Report

Steve Guttenberg doesn’t seem too worried about people saying he was smoking a big, fat joint with rappers Sticky Fingaz and Fredro (Onyx) Star at the Los Angeles club Belly for the launch of ‘American Rap Stars.’ “I will neither confirm nor deny that I smoked it,” Guttenberg tells the New York Daily News. “But I can confirm that it was in the immediate area of my homies.”

Sticky Fingaz Talks Black Trash and Movie Plans

Sticky Fingaz

Radio 1 talked to Sticky Fingaz about his ‘Black Trash: The Autobiography of Kirk Jones’ album and he revealed that a movie centering around the disc is in the works. Sticky says, “We are currently going into production in November so it’s going to be hot. The album is only 70 minutes and the movie is over two hour long. The movie will get more in-depth and specific.”