Suge Knight Allegedly Kidnaps Kurupt

MuchMusic reports Kurupt’s record label, DPG Recordz is accusing Suge Knight of kidnapping the rapper after he apparently refused to sign on Tha Row. A posting on the DPG website (I can’t find it though) says, “Currently we don’t know where Kurupt is, Daz (his labelmate) doesn’t know, Fredwreck doesn’t know, Snoop doesn’t know, Kurupt’s manager doesn’t know. So as you can see this is a very trying time for the DPG family.” Kurupt was last seen on Monday night boarding a plane to New York with associates of Suge Knight and hasn’t made contact with anyone since.

Suge Says There’s Nothing New Or Real In This Biz

Cara Buckley of Knight Ridder Newspapers spoke with Suge Knight for his thoughts on the current state of hip hop. Knight said, “There’s nothing new in the business now. I’m taking talent from the inner cities. I gave people reality, and now I’ve got to be able to establish distribution for these guys in the ghetto. We have power because we have street credibility.”

If Puffy And Suge Were Stranded On An Island…

The New York Daily News reports Suge Knight was asked how he’d handle being stranded on a desert island with Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs. Suge said, “It would be cool. I wouldn’t have to tell him nothing. He would get the fish, cook the fish, get the firewood, start the fire.” Puffy’s reaction? “I won’t be cooking no fish. Maybe we’d be able to work together. He’d build a house, do some of the cooking. Maybe he’d wear an apron.”

Suge Knight & Posse Clear The Room

The New York Post reports Tha Row’s Suge Knight and his posse had Sony Music suits scrambling for the exits when they walked into the album release party for Wyclef Jean’s ‘Masquerade’ at Rumi in South Beach. Apparently Suge was giving ‘gangsta’ glances at the execs, though he didn’t do anything to intimidate celebrity guests guests Lenny Kravitz, Craig David and Blu Cantrell.

Suge Knight Re-Emerges After Jail Stint

Jon Caramanica of the Boston Phoenix profiled Suge Knight following his release from prison in last year. Caramanica said of Suge, “Knight has always cut an imposing figure. And he’s built a notorious legend to back it up, with actions like his infamous verbal assault on Puff Daddy at the Source Awards, and a thuggish persona that’s made stories like Vanilla Ice’s tale of being terrorized into signing away the publishing rights to ‘Ice Ice Baby’ believable. Now that he’s been out of jail for six months, Knight is once again cultivating a high profile.” The full story at has since been removed.

Lydia Harris Suing Suge Knight On Death Row Profits

BBC News reports record producer Lydia Harris is suing the owner of Death Row Records, Suge Knight, and several alleged co-conspirators. Harris claims she was co-founder of Death Row, held a 50% stake in the label, and alleges that they changed the legal existence of the record label to exclude her from being involved with it. Read more.

West Coast Hip Hop Summit Broken Down

Davey D did a great job breaking down what went down at the West Coast Hip Hop Summit in Los Angeles last week and his thoughts about how it went. From the speech from Minister Farrakhan to the controversy surrounding Suge Knight’s speech, the thorough examination will leave you thinking about the current state of hip hop. Check it out here.

DPG vs. Suge Beef Hits New Level With Daz Bombshell

Daz Dillinger posted a bombshell of a news item telling fans that Suge Knight has been sleeping with his wife. They also say there is supposed pregnancy in the picture. The audio clip of Daz making the admission and warning ‘Payback’s a bitch’ has since been removed from Now, with Daz having an album out soon (‘This Is The Life I Lead’ in May), some would think this is just some publicity stunt.

Farrakahn Given Ovation, Suge Challenged By Jewell reports Nation Of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan received several standing ovations Thursday at the West Coast Hip-Hop Summit, held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills. Farrakhan told the audience, “The ‘hood produce you. Hard times produce you. The whizzing of guns and bullets produce you. Death and destruction of your homies produce you. For what? Just to talk about it, or to change that reality into something better? That’s your challenge, brothers and sisters.”

Meanwhile, Suge Knight criticized Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and Ice Cube for not attending but ex Death Row artist Jewell stood up for the guys who weren’t there to defend themselves.

Farrakhan Keynotes West Coast Hip-Hop Summit

Billboard reports Nation Of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan has been named the keynote speaker at the Valentine’s Day West Coast Hip-Hop summit at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills. Also speaking at the event are hip-hop mogul Suge Knight and rapper/producer Dr. Dre. Russell Simmons will send a videotaped message to be played at the summit.