RapSheet Publisher On The Attack For Suge Knight

RapSheet.com publisher Darryl James writes on his website that he’s disturbed by fellow blacks demonizing Suge Knight after his release from prison. James says, “It was disturbing to watch little weak men pretend to be brave when disparaging the name of Marion “Suge” Knight while he was in prison. It is even more disturbing to hear some of them turn their fake lion roars into gentle nervous whispers now that he is a free man.”

Suge Won’t Release Any Terror Related Tracks

Launch.com talked to Suge Knight who revealed he isn’t planning any songs for release related to the terror attacks on America September 11 saying, “Anytime it’s a tragedy like the terrorists that hits home. A lot of innocent people got killed. A lot of people lost their loved ones in the building, and in the plane. I just can’t see myself doing a song just to benefit off of the tragedy.”

Suge Talks Unauthorized Video

Marion Suge Knight tells Launch.com that his attorney has sent letters to chains carrying an unauthorized documentary Welcome To Death Row, to keep the likes of Blockbuster and Wherehouse from carrying the flick.

Suge says, “As far as our fans and the true people out there, we got the same footage and more with the music on ours,” he said about the unnamed project. “So why go buy that one when you can get the other one with everything they have, plus what we have. And it’s authorized.”

Suge: More Tupac Shakur Music On the Way

Suge Knight tells Phatmag.com he still has eight albums of 2pac material yet to unleash revealing, “With all the Tupac stuff, we got all the different sides of him. The conscious ‘Pac, the thugged out ‘Pac and the more reflective, laid back ‘Pac.”

BBC’s Interview with Suge

The BBC interviewed Suge Knight and there’s expanded comments on his thoughts on Eminem. Suge admits, “I wouldn’t have signed him. He’s a comedian, the stuff he does is funny, I’m into giving the guys off the block in the ghetto an opportunity. Like if I was in your land, the first place I’d go is the ghetto because they deserve that, they need that. I’m not looking for the surburbs – don’t have anything against them but they’re basically already winning. They have parents who are doctors and lawyers and things, those guys don’t have anyone.”

Suge To Appear On ‘Politically Incorrect’ Friday

Suge will be on Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher on Friday and no doubt he will take the opportunity to blast Dre and Snoop, maybe Eminem too… The other guests on include Christopher Reid, Gene Simmons, and Phyllis Berry Myers.

Suge Already Has Them Running Scared

The New York Post is reporting Suge Knight has hip hop’s Jermaine Dupri, Dr. Dre, and Snoop Dogg running scared after his release from jail.

A source told the Post, “Suge is mad because he discovered Lil’ Bow Wow and when he was sent to jail, those three took [Lil’ Bow Wow] out of Death Row Records. Jermaine even produced Bow Wow’s last album.”

Suge Slams Eminem: ‘He’s A Comedian’

Suge Knight was interviewed by the BBC where he revealed his thoughts on the missed opportunity to sign the likes of Eminem while he served his prison term.

Suge says, “He’s a comedian. I wouldn’t have signed him. I’m more into giving the guys off the block the opportunity. I don’t do this music thing just for the money.”